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The Month for Mothers

Shalom, and I hope that you are all well!

This fourth month reminds me of the four Matriarchs, namely, Sarah, Ribqah (Rebekah), Leah, and Rachel. So, for this month, I want to talk about women.

Our mothers, sisters, and other women are so tremendously important to each one of us, our communities, and our world. The society that I live in now of South Carolina near Charleston is wonderful. So, too, was my “roots” society of rural Wisconsin just outside of Madison.

In these and most places around the world, women are very important to the very fabric of society. Often, they do most of the cooking and cleaning, and that’s work! They also do many of the other jobs of nurturing, caring, disciplining, and many other necessities which often go unnoticed or unappreciated.

When growing up, almost all of our nurses and teachers were women. Our lives are definitely shaped by them - and for the good I might add! It is my opinion that the mother runs the home and family for the good of all. It has to be and is better with Dad’s help and cooperation, of course.

Think how Sarah raised Yitshaq (Isaac) while her maidservant Hagar raised Yishmael. Esaw was a man’s man while Ribqah made sure Ya’aqob (Jacob) was a well-rounded man. A mother is really YAH’s helper for molding character and giving life to that person for their life!

I would like to share a story of my grandmother with you. She was my mother’s mom. Her husband Otto died a few years after their ninth child was born. So here is a single mother raising two boys and seven girls on a rural Wisconsin farm near Highland. It was during the Depression in the 1930’s.

On one cold night after supper, they all heard a commotion coming from the chicken coop. Well, the boys were ready to get their shotguns to protect their family and property

when my grandmother said, “No, they must need it more than we do. Let ‘em go!”

This kindness and wisdom brought no harm to the family and it only cost them a couple chickens to someone starving.

My grandmother’s name was Anna (Linscheid) Imhoff from Muscoda, Wisconsin. This is a great lesson that she gave us!

Let this fourth month be one where we say ‘thank you’ to the women in our lives! Let us also show our appreciation with some help, gifts, and time given to them for all that they do and are! These simple and kind acts of appreciation will affect our lives and their lives forever and for the good!

YAH is the greatest, and when He made man, a woman was the best gift he (and we) could have received!

We men must support, respect, uplift, and honor our women to the utmost! As they were made with great care and love, we should give them great care and love!

Happy Rosh Chodesh for the Fourth month.


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