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Exodus 2018



from Death to Life

Come receive the blessing of life and salvation at the Season of Deliverance

Stop the works of death and receive the blessing of life

- Just 10 minutes -

Stop in at any of the times below:

Sun - Thu

March 25th - 29th

10am - 12 noon

- or -

3pm - 7pm

Sun - Wed

April 1st - 4th

10am - 12 noon

- or -

3pm - 7pm

Come and get a blessing over your life to protect you from evil or harm. Ruth will speak a word of blessing over you, and with your belief, YAH will forgive your sins and transgressions. You will be covered from the evils upon the earth, and you will be truly saved!

Make a move to save your life today!

Exodus 2018

Are you ready for the storms, earthquakes, and tornadoes that come out of nowhere with little to no warning?


What about the rise in accidental death, sickness, and disease?


Or the mass shootings? Nuclear and terrorist threats?


All of these things can end a life in a breath.

The Scriptures say that YAHUAH will send a deputation of angels of evil to the earth at the time of Judgment (Ps. 78:49).


This has already begun, and it will worsen!

We are in the end of days, and if your sins are not forgiven you can be a victim of evil.


The Almighty YAHUAH is the only One Who forgives sin. He alone is the Savior! (Is. 43:11)


If we don't believe in His Name and repent, then we could be the next victim.  

Family of Messiah YahuShuah Assembly is of the anointed priesthood for the last days. We have the light of YAH, and He is with us to save us.


Now we are inviting you to come and be saved.

Get prepared for the time of disaster and judgment by aligning with us so that your life will be saved. 

Join yourself to YAHUAH, the true Name of the Creator, and His set-apart people who are connected to Yisrael. 


Come back to the original belief. Come back to YAH! (Jer. 6:16) 

YAHUAH is the greatest refuge! He saves those who believe in His Name. In His compassion, YAH will save Yisrael and all who join with Yisrael.

You can be covered! Let this Passover be your exit out of Egypt and out of Babylon -- out of the false systems of the world. Leave Babylon today! Join with Yisrael!

Do not reject, for He will send evils upon all those who reject His Torah and His Word (Jer. 16:16-19).

Come and join the Great Exodus of 2018.


Leave paganism now before it is too late. Save yourself and family by getting out of falsehood and aligning yourself with the truth.  

Family of Messiah is hosting the Passover for all those returning to His truth. If you truly want to live, then Pass Over from death to life by calling on His Name and obeying His commandments. Return to the true path, and join us to observe the Passover.*

To learn more about YAHUAH and His Torah and how to return to Him, call us at (843)821-4832.

* You must call and reserve a spot to join us for Passover.

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