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The Seven Noahide Laws

How Every Person on Earth Can Be Saved

Seven Noahide Laws rainbow

The Kindness of YAHUAH is Everlasting!

In the beginning, YAHUAH created the whole world out of kindness. He created the earth as a dwelling for man, and He created man with the sole purpose of being the recipient of His kindness. YAHUAH wanted none else but to have a relationship with the man whom He created.


A relationship requires input from both parties. YAHUAH does His part each and every day by sustaining us in life, providing for our needs, and blessing us with multiple undeserved kindnesses.


Our role in the relationship is obedience. YAHUAH gave us commandments that show us how to relate and connect to Him. They are the means, the vehicle, by which we form a relationship with our Creator. Without the commandments, there's no relationship.


With the commandments, we're able to form a loving relationship with our Creator. 


From the very beginning, YAHUAH gave us the commandments that we must guard and do to have a relationship with Him. These are the Seven Noahide lawsSix of them were given to Adam, the first man, and the seventh was given to Noah after the flood when mankind started anew.


YAHUAH gave them to Adam and Noah because they were intended for all mankind. Every person on earth is a descendant of Adam and Noah, and YAHUAH wants everyone to to be able to receive His unlimited kindnesses. Therefore, these Seven Noahide Laws must be taught to all peoples of all nations. 


These seven laws form the basis of our relationship with our Creator YAHUAH. If we guard these, then we are righteous. YAHUAH can and will draw close to us, and we will have a share in the world to come.


However, we must guard them with the right intent. We have to obey them because YAHUAH commanded them and for no other reason.


YAHUAH is the Almighty Sovereign and Creator of all. We must acknowledge His Authority and humbly submit to Him. This is what makes one truly righteous.


If we obey the Seven Noahide Laws because they make sense or because society agrees, then we will not be counted as righteous. We may be considered wise, but not righteous.


YAHUAH draws near to the righteous, to those who know Him, submit to Him, and seek to have a relationship with Him.


When the world is righteous, then YAHUAH can dwell in the earth with His people. This is what He intended and desired from the beginning of the world when He walked with Adam in the garden.


The Seven Noahide Laws are the foundation of a moral and ethical society, the pathway to a righteous world. When all mankind obeys these laws, then once again, YAHUAH's Presence will be manifest.


  1. Do not worship idols

  2. Do not blaspheme

  3. Do not murder

  4. Do not engage in forbidden relations

  5. Do not steal

  6. Do not eat meat from a living animal

  7. Establish laws and courts


This is YAHUAH's compassion for the world - to do kindness and to make a way of salvation for all. Anyone who obeys these laws will be guarded under His care and saved in this world and the world to come.



Believe in and worship the One and Only Elohim, YAHUAH - Maker of the heavens and earth. Belief in or worship of any other entity as a source of power in the universe is idolatry and a violation of this command.



Respect, honor, fear, and esteem YAHUAH, the One & Only Elohim. Do not curse or disrespect Him, His Name, or His Sovereignty in any way. Do not swear in His Name or use His Name in vain.



Respect all human life. Do not take another's life, harm, or injure another person. Includes homicide, suicide, euthanasia, & abortion. Do not embarrass, humiliate, gossip, or slander. Make every effort to support & sustain life



Respect marriage and the family unit. Marriage is defined as the union between a husband and a wife, a man and a woman. Do not engage in sexually immoral behavior, such as adultery, incest, rape, homosexuality, abuse, or molestation.



Respect the rights and property of others. Return lost objects. Do not steal, rob, cheat, extort, or kidnap.



Respect all of YAH's creation. Do not eat meat that was taken from an animal while it was still alive. Do not inflict unnecessary pain or suffering on any creature (cruelty to animals).



Respect the law of the land. Act morally and ethically proper in accordance with Torah, and refrain from acting in ways that are displeasing to YAHUAH.

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