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Our Vision

Family of Messiah's efforts to change the world

Family of Messiah YahuShuah Assembly is an assembly built on love and kindness:

love for the Almighty, love for our neighbor, and kindness towards all.

All of our efforts center around helping others to live with peace, provisions, safety, security, good health, joy, and strength -- all blessings from YAHUAH, the Most High Elohim.

Every life changed is a whole world changed!

Our Mission
(How We'll Do It)

* Spread the Knowledge of Elohim throughout the World *

We operate as a House of Prayer for all people (Yesh/Is. 56:7). From this House, the knowledge of Elohim will spread throughout the world drawing all men to Elohim, and thus, saving their lives. Our mission will be accomplished through the following efforts:

  • Prayer (our service to Elohim and a kindness toward others)

  • Proclaiming the Set-Apart Name of יהוה 

  • Teaching Torah (the commandments of Elohim)

  • Acts of kindness (gemilut chasidim)

  • Righteous giving (tzedakah)

Our Goal
(What We Will Accomplish)

* Repairing the World (Tikkun Olam) and the Preservation of Life

(Pikuach Nefesh) *

We are in the last days, and the distresses on the earth will increase. Only obedience to the commands of Elohim will spare one from the judgment upon the earth. Our aim is to save as many lives as possible in the end of days and to stop the judgment happening every day in individual lives. In nurturing the world toward set-apartness, we will accomplish tikkun olam, repairing the world, to bring about a time of peace, prosperity, health, and right-ruling for all.

Our Purpose
(Why We Exist)

* To Nurture the World toward 

Set-Apartness (kiruv) *

We labor to bring people to a greater understanding of the Most High יהוה and His commandments. We work to bring people into (or back to) the Covenant of Elohim. This is the work of kiruv, drawing others close to יהוה, so people will walk in the way of set-apartness and the world will tend toward set-apartness (Yesh/Is. 30:21; 35:8). We lead the effort for the global conversion of mankind, to lead many to righteousness, so that they may be pleasing to Elohim and be blessed with life and good life and their sufferings and distresses cease (Dan. 12:3).

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