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If you're new to all this, then you're in the right place. Here's a basic primer on the essentials of the Set-Apart Belief. This is your launching pad for your continued study in seeking the Most High Creator of the universe.



Top 5 Things You Need to Know

1)   The Creator's Name is יהוה. 

The Almighty Creator of the Heavens and earth has a Name. His Name is יהוה, and it is pronounced YAHUAH (Yah-OO'-ah). The original Hebrew Scriptures has His Name written about 6,800 times. However, when the Scriptures were translated into English, His Name was replaced with Lord and God. The preface of any good study bible will acknowledge this substitution of the "Sacred/Covenant Name" or the "tetragrammaton."


A shortened form of His Name is YAH. This Name is found in Psalm 68:4 and Isaiah 12:2 in the NKJV and various other Scripture translations.


The word HalleluYAH is testament to the Father's Name. It is a Hebrew compound word. Hallelu means "(Give) Praise", and Yah is the Father's Name.

Hallelu + Yah = Praise Yah!

It doesn't matter how you spell it (hallelujah or alleluia), it's still pronounced HalleluYah.

2)     The Messiah is יהושה.

The Messiah's Name is יהושה, pronounced YahuShuah (Yah-oo-SHOO'-ah). He is the Anointed One Who came as the Teacher of Righteousness in the 1st century BCE as related in the Dead Sea Scrolls. He is NOT the Christ of the New Testament. 


YahuShuah was fully (and only) man, born from a mother and father (not of a virgin). He studied and taught the Laws of Elohim and brought many into the Covenant. He suffered pains and sicknesses His entire life and fought many physical battles, being viciously pursued and violently attacked by the Wicked Priest of His day. He was delivered from the brink of death and raised up in strength.


YahuShuah is Mashiach, our High Priest Who set the standard for righteousness and suffered for the redemption of many. We anticipate the coming of Mashiach our Sovereign to usher in the final redemption and the Messianic Era.

3)         the hebrew belief is the true set-apart belief of יהוה.

In Jeremiah 6:16, יהוה said, “Stand in the ways and see, and ask for the old paths, where the good way is, and walk in it; and find rest for yourselves."


The old path, the ancient way, is the way of our forefathers Abraham, Yitshaq, and Ya'aqob (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob). YAH chose them to found the nation of Yisra'el (Israel), and Yisra'el was chosen to be a light to the nations (Is. 42:6; Deut. 4:6). All people would look to Yisra'el and follow their example as they live in obedience to the commandments given by YAHUAH on Sinai. This belief of the forefathers and the nation of Yisra'el, as outlined in the Hebrew Scriptures (the Tanakh, aka "Old Testament"), is the true, set-apart belief -- the plan outlined for all mankind.


If you're reading this, then more than likely, you're most familiar with Christianity. Christianity is a religion of mixed worship - meaning that it has elements of truth (from the Hebrew Scriptures) mixed with falsehood (from pagan cultures) (2Kings 17:33,41). In addition, anti-Semitism among the church fathers stripped the belief of everything that remotely resembled the Hebrew people (i.e. the Jews); thereby separating the religion even further from many of the most fundamental truths contained in the Hebrew Scriptures. They began to develop their own laws and practices that quickly took the place of the Laws that YAH had given (Is. 24:5). 

The way to the Father YAHUAH requires removal of all pagan influences and infiltrations and returning to the ancient path, where the good way is, as written in the Hebrew Scriptures.

4)       The commandments of the Almighty stand forever.

YAHUAH gave His Laws and Commandments to be our guidebook for life. They tell us how to worship Him and how to live peaceably with one another. YAHUAH did not change His mind and nullify His Laws (nor "fulfill" them so they're no longer necessary). The Commandments are part of His Everlasting Covenant. We are blessed if we obey and punished if we disobey. 

5)         We are Yahudim.

We are Yahudim, which means simply that we are a people who worship YAHUAH. 

We are not Christians. We are not Messianic Jews (who believe in Jesus Christ and the New Testament). We are brothers with the Jewish people, together belonging to the spiritual nation of Yisrael. Our main "theological" difference with the Jews is our recognition of the Teacher of Righteousness as the Mashiach.

This may sound like Greek to you,

but it's not ... it's Hebrew!

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