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Be Blessed with a Good Year!

Days of Return

Ten Days of Teshuva

Oct. 2 - 12, 2016

Come receive forgiveness & be blessed with another year of life...and a good life!

At this very moment, our lives are on the line.

Will we live another year?

If so, will it be a good year?

Or will it be a year of hardship and struggle?

Family of Messiah is opening our doors to welcome everyone who wants to receive a blessing for a good year. 


We all want to live another year, and we all want to be blessed with a good year. 

Our only guarantee to life and good life is YAHUAH. He is the King of Heaven and earth. Everything is in His Hand. He is the One and Only Judge Who determines how our life will be. It is all up to Him.


Yet, the Sovereign and Judge makes His decision according to how we live our life. When we sin, we will suffer the consequences, which can be any number of problems - sickness, financial hardship, family turmoil, bad/harmful incidents, natural disasters, or even death. When we turn from sin, YAH will judge us favorably. He will spare us from the penalties of our sin. 


The compassion of YAH is so great that He made a way for us to escape the penalties. He has shown us the path that leads to life (Ps. 16:11). All we need to do is go to the set-apart place where His Name dwells and do what's required to be forgiven of our sins. When we are forgiven and receive atonement, our life is spared, and the harsh judgment against us is erased.


Look around. How many people do you see suffering? Most people suffer because their sins have not been forgiven. Their pains and struggles are the consequences for sins which weren't forgiven. They weren't forgiven because their repentance was incomplete, imperfect, or simply nonexistent.


YAHUAH has a certain protocol for repentance. Come to the set-apart place and repent the right way. Start this coming year on the right foot. Live and be blessed in your life!

"Seek יהוה [YAHUAH] while He is to be found, call on Him while He is near."

(Yesh/Is. 55:6)

This is the time of year that the Almighty YAHUAH has set for this very purpose. He opens the doors and opens His books.

He welcomes our prayers, and He is ready to favorably and compassionately judge everyone who comes to Him in sincerity and truth.


Return to Him. Return to His path of righteousness and be blessed in the coming year!

Come and Be Blessed with Life Today!

The Ten Days from Oct. 2 to Oct. 12 is the time of repentance - the Days of Return.

During this time, seek YAHUAH and the truth of His Name. Learn about His commandments and how to observe them. Do good deeds for others.

We will be open for you to come and receive the blessing and anointing at the following times:

Oct. 4 - 7, 2016  


Oct. 10, 2016


What's Required:

  1. Belief in the Name of יהוה [YAHUAH]: He will deliver all those who call on His Name (Joel 2:32; Psalm 91:14-16). Got questions? Come & get answers.

  2. Confession & Commitment: Repentance involves admitting our past mistakes and committing to do better in the future.

  3. Gift/Offering: Bring an offering as your atonement. It is an exchange: our life ought to be taken because of our sins, but instead our offering takes our place. Our life is spared.

We will pray for your sins to be forgiven and anoint you with set-apart ("holy") oil for a blessing over your life.

Come and Be Blessed!

Family of Messiah YahuShuah Assembly

908 Bacons Bridge Rd, #19

Summerville, SC 29485

For more info:

call (843)821-4832


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