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What you need to live through the disasters and distresses of the Last Days

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A Spiritual Survival Kit for the End Times

what is it?

The Spiritual Protection Pack is a survival kit that will help you survive the end times. 

In the last days, natural and man-made disasters and catastrophic events will increase. Disease, famine, and poverty will increase. Spiritual oppression from the evil one will increase.

You can see it happening now!


Our goal at Family of Messiah is to save and deliver as many people as possible from the evil that is increasing around the world. 


This Pack will teach you how to spiritually prepare and protect yourself from harm and help you receive the healing and deliverance you need. 


It will show you how to ensure protection for you and your family.

Follow the instructions in this package, and you will live!

This package is for anyone who desires protection from the disasters, distresses, and problems

that can arise in life at any moment in time -- especially in these last days. 

If you are suffering now from any oppression of the evil one, 

whether it be sickness, depression, financial hardship, spiritual attacks, or any kind of persistent troubles, then 


You NEED this Spiritual Protection Pack!


This kit will give you the tools you need

to rid the evil from your life

and be guarded in peace and health

If you know someone who is sick or suffering from the oppression of the evil one, then


Get this kit to share with your friends and loved ones.

Perhaps, you feel your life is fine and there is no presence of evil causing troubles or disruptions. If that's the case, then 

you still need this kit! 


We are only at the beginning of the Great Distress. Times will get worse! Disaster, disease, and destruction will increase. There will be many casualties.


Get this kit to guard yourself and your family against any harm that may come. 



Pine oil for Life

Anointed Healing Oil for healing of your flesh and your being; necessary to fight the pestilences of the last days

oil of


Anointing Oil for entering the Covenant of protection and for deliverance from spiritual oppression

water for cleansing

Anointed pure water for the cleansing of your being (repentance) and for removing uncleanness (i.e. evil spirits) from your surroundings

instruction manual

Includes an explanation of the Name YAHUAH, a Guide to Repentance, and instructions on how to Use the Anointed Water and Oils

to get your

spiritual protection pack

Send an $18 contribution

and request the "Spiritual Protection Pack"

When you request your Spiritual Protection Pack, you can include a prayer request. Simply provide your name (or the name of the person who needs help) and a short description of your need.

(It would help to provide your name and the first name of your mother or father, Hebrew names if possible.

Ex. Moshe, son of Yoseph)

We will pray for you and place your name before YAHUAH in the set-apart place. We will also pray a special blessing over the items in the package so they carry a special anointing from the set-apart place for your specific needs.

Please, DO NOT WAIT!

Get covered and protected today!

To request the Spiritual Protection Pack by mail,

please send contribution to:

Family of Messiah Assembly

P.O. Box 50884

Summerville, SC 29485

**Please make check/money order payable to "Family of Messiah"

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