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"I am with you, declares יהוה


These are like the days of Noah, and יה [YAH] has created a place of refuge for His people!


He has raised up Family of Messiah YahuShuah Assembly to be His House of Refuge in the last days.


In the days of old, when a time of judgment arose, the priests interceded before the Almighty on behalf of the people, so that they were not destroyed. This is the compassion of YAH to save all who believe in Him. His compassion forgives sin, and removes the punishment.


We are in the last days, and once again, YAH has established His Priesthood in the earth. The anointed priest has taken office to do the will of the Most High.

We are the priests of the last days and the intercessors for the world!


Recently, I (Ruth) saw a vision of the Anointing Oil in my left hand. I then made the oil and blessed it in the Name of YahuShuah.


The Oil is a sign that the Set-Apart Spirit of the Almighty יהוה [YAHUAH] is with us. And because the Most High is with us, He hears our prayers, and He answers!

Through His Presence and the set-apart Oil, YAH will be saving and blessing the lives of many. As we pray and anoint people, YAH will bless them and save their lives. All the praise and esteem go to the Most High יהוה.


The Messiah of Heaven and earth is the High Priest in our midst. Therefore, we have the responsibility to save lives.


We will save lives by getting people to acknowledge the Name of יהוה.


“And it shall be that everyone who calls on the Name of יהוה shall be delivered." (Joel 2:32)


All who accept and acknowledge that יהוה is the Maker of the heavens and earth will be placed on YAH's List.


We, the priests and servants of YAH, will bring the list of names before our heavenly Father in prayer so that He will forgive their sins, dismiss the curses of disobedience, and spare their lives from death.

An offering to יהוה must also be made. In the days of old, the people brought their offerings to the Set-Apart Place and gave it to the priests. The priests would act as intercessors by presenting their offerings to the Almighty on their behalf. YAH would then accept (or reject) their offering. When the offering was accepted, their sins were forgiven.


In this same manner, the people of today must come to the anointed priest with their offerings to seek forgiveness and to have a blessing bestowed upon their life. The anointed priest was not allowed to go before the Master empty handed (Ex. 23:15).


Give an offering to the Almighty יהוה so that a blessing comes upon you, your household, your work (livelihood), and all that concerns you.When you give to His servants, you are giving to YAH - the priests offer it to Him, and He then gives a portion to the priests, to the Levites, and to the poor.


Obedience to His word releases a blessing into your life (Deut. 12:5,6). You will be giving to YAH for your sins and your life.


Many people are dying every day because of sin and lack of knowledge. Your name on His list will petition His favor so that He will cause His judgment to pass over you, and you and your household will be saved from His wrath.


Only acknowledge that you believe in the Name of יהוה by getting your name on His list today!

YAH's List is like Noah's Ark in the time of destruction, a refuge from the storm. יה [YAH] created this List so He could save a remnant for Himself. The only true Refuge that saves people from disaster is belief in His Name.


"Because you have made יהוה – My refuge, the Most High – your dwelling place, No evil befalls you, And a plague does not come near your tent; For He commands His messengers concerning you, To guard you in all your ways. They bear you up in their hands, Lest you dash your foot against a stone"  (Psa 91:9-12)


The anointed priest is in this House standing in the gap for the people praying in the Name of YahuShuah. יהוה will hear, and He will save!

YAH's List is the Noah's Ark of the Last Days / Endtimes

Get on YAH's List today!


It is the #1 priority in preparing for the disasters of the end-times.


Get listed now! Don't wait! 


Send us your name and your offering today!

When we receive your notice that you believe in and accept the Name of יהוה [YAHUAH], we will present your offering before our Heavenly Father, our Creator, the Maker of the heavens and earth, and pray that He will grant you favor.


With His favor comes the gift of repentance and the blessing of forgiveness for your sins and protection from all harm, evil, or danger. As we speak your name before the Almighty, He will hear and forgive and cancel out any punishment that may have been coming your way.


The most important thing in your life right now is to acknowledge the Name of the Almighty יהוה and to acknowledge your belief in His Name by signing on to this House.


If you send us your address along with your offering, then we will send you a small piece of blue cloth, called the Tabernacle Cloth. This was revealed to me by the Almighty. The cloth shows that you are connected to this House where His Name dwells. His Name יהוה is in this House, and if you are part of this House, then no evil or harm shall come near you.


You can keep the Cloth in your home or on your person at all times. This is simply a sign that the covering of the Almighty יהוה will be over you and your home, and He will save you in the day of disaster. You and your family will be safe wherever you are. Act Now!


It is true - the world will be destroyed because of sin and transgression. But a time of favor has come! His compassion is flowing throughout the land!


We must move quickly - take His Name to heart and believe! He will save a handful of people, so why not be counted in that handful?


YAH is good and kind!


Take advantage of this time of compassion and bring your family under His covering!

Sign YAH's LIST Now!

Remember, to be on YAH's List, you must provide an offering for the priests to bring before YAHUAH.


When we receive acknowledgement of your belief and your offering or contribution, we will enter your name on YAH's List and begin praying for you and your household. Call on the Name of YAH at all times!


Be sure to include your address to receive the Tabernacle Cloth!

Shalom and may יה be with you!

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