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Ruth and I (Michael) have been married for over 30 years. For almost our entire lives, the Almighty has been preparing us to be spiritual leaders for His people.


From the time we were young, we both possessed a sincere concern for the well-being of others. As a child, Ruth cared for her siblings and assisted elderly neighbors. As a teen, she joined the fight for civil rights. She started her career in nursing and loved caring for those in need. However, the pain of losing patients to sickness was too much to bear. She changed to a career in electronic engineering, but nursing never left her heart. Throughout her life, she continued to nurse many back to spiritual, mental, and emotional health. She has been involved with countless people on a personal level as people are continuously drawn to her caring heart.


I began helping others as a young adult. I made close friendships with special needs young men and joined organizations that served the homeless and visited the sick and elderly. I also joined the fight for civil rights, leaving my hometown of Oregon, Wisconsin to help minorities and low-income communities in rural Mississippi.


As a married team, Ruth and I joined forces and continued to help those around us in a positive way. We spent several years serving the poor and needy through street ministry, seeking out people to help. Often, we didn't have to go far as people as close as our own neighborhood began to seek us out as a source of help.


In 1992, Ruth found a copy of the Torah at the public library, and we started keeping the Sabbath day. Then, the Almighty led us and made a great way for us to go to Israel in 1995 for the Festival of Sukkot (Booths). We then started going to a Messianic congregation in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.

In 1999, we had an idea for a place to continue what we were already doing for about ten years. This was doing good deeds by helping people with their needs and visiting and praying for the sick.

A year later in 2000YAHUAH told Ruth that it was time for us to start caring for His people full-time. The Father had us to leave our paying jobs and get the same small office & warehouse unit we were thinking of a year earlier. Thus, Family of Messiah began.


We started helping even more people and affecting more lives. With limited means, we distributed food, clothing, and household goods, and assisted with rent and utility needs.

To our surprise, just a couple of months into 2001, YAH gave us an order for worship service, and so we began to have Shabbat services and festival celebrations.


We continued to help those in need with groceries, clothing, furniture, bills, and other expenses, along with praying for everyone who would ask. The Father showed Ruth a small bottle that read “Pine Oil for Life.” We started making it and giving it to those in need of healing all around town, the country, and the world.


A major change came in 2004. The first part of the year was amazing for what He gave us. Through dreams and visions and His word, He has given us everything in this ministry of His! Even the name Family of Messiah, He gave to Ruth in prayer.


He gave us a staff. It was light blue, like the sky or heavens, for blessing, and the last 8-10 inches was black for judgment.


Then, He gave us prayer shawls for the women to wear in prayer, as the men already wore tallits.


Then, He gave us a flag and a banner to represent our assembly, and we had them made to match what He showed us.


In late November (or early December), He revealed His Name YAHUAH and YahuShuah to us! Why, we were so excited! And this changed everything!


Then Ruth went to Him in prayer and heard it pronounced three times. “YAHUAH! YAHUAH! YAHUAH!”

We had it! Praise YAH!


We now had to let go of the names Jesus Christ and Yeshua. Then, later on 'lord' and 'god' had to leave our vocabulary as well.


We had been using a small kitchen/pantry area for our services. The previous tenants used it for their catering business. Now, we were ready to move, and YAHUAH led us to our present location in April 2005. It was a storefront unit but worked well for a Sanctuary. However, office space was too tight, and we were then able to get the unit next door for our office after a few months of being too crowded.


YAHUAH had us prepare for spiritual warfare on behalf of Israel in 2007, 2008, and again in 2009 in the land of Israel itself. A group of ten from our congregation made the trip called “Exodus: Into the Promised Land.” We traveled from Egypt to Jordan to Israel. We prayed throughout the whole trip and at every stop in each country. The world is filled with idols and sun worship, but YAHUAH is compassionate and His kindness endures forever.


YAHUAH does accomplish His will, and we have been more than overjoyed to be a part of His plans for 16 years. Over these years, He has done marvelous deeds for us and all the peoples. The healings, miracles, provisions, answered prayers, and His Presence have blessed us all so much.


He led us to raise up a dwelling place in 2012. It is a small booth in our set-apart place where we worship. It is the Tabernacle of David raised up. This is where His Name dwells as we have had "YAH-U-AH" on our sign over our unit ever since we moved in in 2005!


With the gift of the Dead Sea Scrolls, He gave us the Festivals of New Wine and New Oil, which we celebrated for the first time in 2015.


Also in 2015, we were led to make a major change in our belief. YAHUAH led us to discover more truths about the New Testament and how it contradicted and violated His Torah. So, we ended our belief in the New Testament and continued following the Tanakh (Laws, Writings, & Prophets) alone.

In 2018, we learned more about the Noahide Laws and YAHUAH's plan for the gentiles. We further defined ourselves as a Noahide congregation - an assembly of non-Jews who have accepted the Seven Laws of Noah in Covenant with YAHUAH and follow the set-apart Hebrew belief in unity with our Jewish brothers.

As we go forward, our main goal is to buy land and build His House where His Name will dwell. We want to reach many more people with His Name for His Name heals, provides, answers all our needs, and fills our hearts with His peace.


We have a list called YAH's List. It is like Noah's ark. YAH gave us this just a few months ago to have people sign up and be prayed for and protected no matter what comes or whatever happens. We want you all to be on YAH's List and be a part of Family of Messiah.


Contact us to learn more about us and be a part of this set-apart place for His Name YAHUAH!

History of Family of Messiah

( of 2018)

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