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Chanukah, Creation, & the Messianic Reign

(posted Chanukah 2016)

Chanukah Sameach!

Praise YAH! It's time for celebration again! We're celebrating Chanukah, the Festival of Dedication!

Traditionally, Chanukah is the remembrance of YAH's great deliverance in the 2nd century BCE when Yisrael defeated the pagan Greek rule and restored true worship in the Set-Apart Place. This is a great act of deliverance and salvation that the Almighty worked for His people, and for this, we give Him praise and thanks, calling His great deeds into remembrance.

"Remember His wonders which He has done, His miracles, and the right-rulings of His mouth, (6) O seed of Abraham His servant, Children of Ya'aqob, His chosen ones!"

(Teh/Psa 105:5-6)

"Generation after generation praise Your works, And they declare Your mighty acts."

(Teh/Psa 145:4)

This year, YAHUAH has added another dimension to our Chanukah observance. Through His teachings and revelations, we've come to understand that now is the beginning of the Messianic Reign! In the Garden of Eden, YAHUAH dwelt with the people whom He created. But after they sinned, the relationship between the Creator and His creations became distant. Ever since, YAHUAH has been working to restore this relationship and to restore man to his rightful place in the earth - to reign and to rule over all the earth. The Messiah YahuShuah (Mashiach) teaches us and leads us back to the garden, into the Presence of Elohim. When we make it back, the Reign of Mashiach begins. He reigns through the set-apart ones dwelling in the garden. He gives them rulership and authority over the whole earth. They teach, lead, protect, nurse, and care for His people and stop the work of wickedness in the earth so that evil no longer harms the people. The true Mashiach was revealed to us, and He led us back into the Garden. His Presence is with this Assembly. We are in His Presence, so now, the Reign begins! This is what we're celebrating this Chanukah. This is the dedication of the Assembly and the inauguration of His servants who have made it back to the Garden. For seven days, we will remember the great works of Creation because YahuShuah has restored us to His Presence fulfilling the whole purpose of the Creation - for Elohim to dwell among man.

On the eighth day, we will have the inauguration ceremony to install the priests into their position as rulers, just as Adam was given the reign and the rulership in the earth. YahuShuah brought the offices of priest and king together, and now we (Mika'el and Ruth), who have been serving as priests of YAHUAH, will take up our position to reign in the Assembly. As rulers, it is our duty to teach, lead, judge, nurse, protect, and provide for the people.

This is the restoration of the Davidic Reign in the earth with the Sovereign Messiah. The time of the Messianic Reign has begun! We will do our part to judge evil and wickedness so that the devil's work is restrained, and the people will be free! No doubt, the adversary will fight back. So, we will see an increase of troubles on the earth. These are the distresses and trials of the last days. But now that the Reign of Messiah is established, we will work to counteract these evils. In the midst of the distresses, we will see peace. In the midst of the troubles, we will see deliverance. In the midst of oppression, we will see salvation. In sickness, famine, and disease, we will see healing and provision. Look for it - you will begin to see it! Praise YAH!

Chag Sameach & YAHUAH bless you!


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