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Love is the Key: How to Fix our World and Be Saved from Disaster

There is not enough love in America. People don't care enough about one another.  Our world is broken, and it is being punished because of its sins.

Rich and powerful people are ruling with fear and oppression.  People are lying, stealing, and cheating to gain for themselves regardless of the harm to others.

Children are running the home, being misled and influenced through the internet, movies, and music. Many teens rule over their parents with so much disrespect towards adults and authorities.

The USA is so overdue for punishment, and the reason this country has survived is because of the kindness of a few.  We can fix our world, or at the least delay what's coming, by doing goodness.  

Kindness and love for one another and the stranger will cover our sins and bring atonement.  Are we to show kindness only on X-mas and Thanksgiving, thereby keeping people in chains to falsehood and commercialism? Is that really kindness?

The poor are always around, and they are here so that we who have can help someone else who doesn’t have.  How about being able to help with a rent payment to keep a family off the street?  We would stop homelessness all together!  Help the family out by showing love because love is the key!  Take care of each other’s children and be glad to do it!  

Love will motivate the less fortunate and bring hope to those who don't have any hope. Love will bring suicides down to zero.  


The world, and specifically the United States, is getting ready to be punished by the Most High Elohim because there is not enough love to stop the coming disasters. 

People are too stingy, selfish, and self-absorbed these days and don't show enough love and care for their fellow humans. This is due to the amount of hatred and racist, biased opinions towards others. 

YAH is separating the good from the wicked. Once all the people are separated into the categories of fully good or fully wicked, then He will begin His final judgment before creating the new world. 

The Love Train is the remnant of the fully good people who have been separated from the wicked.  We are called to lead others by showing goodness and kindness in this world. 

All those on a good path will be aboard the Love Train and will be covered by a protective spiritual covering. They will be spared from destruction and live in the end to see this world come to peace.

Only the good can get on this train. The wicked will be destroyed by fire and water.  YAH is separating the masses right now, and we don't have time to waste!

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