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One with Yisrael

Parsha Vayechi: Bereshith/Genesis 47:28 - 50:26

In this week's Torah portion, Parsha Vayechi, Ya’aqob (Jacob) blesses his sons, the twelve tribes of Yisrael. The choosing and selection process that began with Abraham was complete. All of Ya’aqob’s sons were chosen and would form the foundation of the nation of Yisrael.

Ya’aqob blesses his sons, each with a different blessing. Some were grand blessings of prosperity, others were prophetic and Messianic, some were blessed yet not exceedingly so, and others were rebuked.

All different, yet all Yisrael.

Together, they formed one nation, the set-apart nation chosen by Elohim to lead the world in righteousness and set-apartness. They were the nation that would be a light to the world, guiding all people back to the Garden.

We are different, yet we are one nation, with one purpose, one common goal. All of us must come together to fulfill our purpose to bring people to Elohim.

We at Family of Messiah pledge our allegiance to Yisrael - all the people of Elohim throughout the world.

When we say Yisrael, we most definitely include the Jewish people. We are not separate from them. Yes, we may look different. Yes, we may worship differently. But we are still one people serving the Almighty.

There are some among the set-apart ones who separate themselves from the Jewish people. There are some who talk badly about Rabbinic Judaism and delegitimize the Jewish people. Some say that they are true Yisrael, and the Jews are not.

We are not of that camp. We stand wholeheartedly with the Jewish people.

Who are we to say that anyone keeping Torah is not Yisrael?

Is anyone perfect? No. That’s why Ya’aqob had to rebuke some of his sons, but they were still Yisrael nonetheless.

We are the returning ones. We are the ones who were separated from our brothers. Yoseph reunited with his brothers, and they became one people again. Through forgiveness and acceptance they became one people in peace.

So, when we return to our Father, let’s join His nation in peace. Let’s not waste time tearing apart our brothers, searching for some way to say they’re "wrong" because they’re not quite like us or finding some way in which they may have "wronged" us.

If they worship YAHUAH, the Elohim of Abraham, Yitshaq, and Ya’aqob and keep the Torah, then they’re our brothers. Let’s join them in the mission to bring the world back to YAHUAH, to obeying His Torah. Let’s use our energy and our strengths, talents, and abilities to get people to know the one true Elohim.

The twelve sons of Ya’aqob, the tribes, were all different, yet they each had their role to play. Some were teachers, some were Torah scholars, some were priests, leaders, warriors, farmers, merchants, etc.

Each received their own blessing so that many years later when they were scattered throughout the world, they would each be able to do their part to bring the peoples of the world back to Elohim.

Each would do their unique part in their unique way in their unique part of the world for their unique portion of the people.

Let’s join Yisrael in peace and oneness and get busy doing our part.

What is our part at Family of Messiah?

A summary of our works:

  • We are interceding before the Almighty so that violence ceases, and we have peace in our land.

  • We are praying for YAH's compassion and mercies so His judgement is lessened and lives are saved.

  • We are interceding for righteousness to abound and that the evils in this world be abated.

  • We are praying for generational curses to be broken off the lives of people.

  • We are counselors for those needing peace of mind.

  • We are helping the grief-stricken and depressed to be set free.

  • We are feeding needy families and assisting with their expenses.

  • We are supplying basic necessities for families with small children, especially single parents.

  • We are praying for the sick and needy, doing home and hospital visits.

  • We are visiting prisoners and praying with them.

  • We are sending donations to the poor around the world helping to meet their needs.

We do whatever it takes to relieve stress and anxiety from the lives of people. In all our works, spiritual and physical, it is the Most High Who does it all. We are simply His instruments.

We are doing our part in the nation of Yisrael to save lives and bring the world back to Elohim.

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