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Rosh Chodesh Abib: The Season of Our Freedom

Rosh Chodesh Abib

This week we observe Rosh Chodesh Abib! This new moon marks the beginning of the year!

We celebrated the new year at Yom Teruah / Rosh Hashana, and now we're observing it again. Rosh Hashana marked the changing of the year, from 5779 to 5780, and now we're restarting the cycle of months.

This month is called Abib (aka Nissan). It's the month of spring - new growth, renewal, and revival. It is also the month of redemption for this is the month of Passover. In this month, YAHUAH led His people out of slavery and redeemed them to Himself.

YAHUAH commanded us to mark this month and remember it: "This month is the beginning of months for you, it is the first month of the year for you" (Shem/Ex. 12:2).

YAH wants us to always remember His mighty acts of deliverance. He commanded us to remember Passover year after year throughout our generations.

This is to remind us that we are free people, and we must always be ready for our own redemption.

What YAH did in this month so many years ago, He is still doing today. He is still bringing out His people. He is still setting free. He is still delivering. He is still showing His mighty Hand and outstretched arm, and He is still doing miracles. YAHUAH is Great and Awesome!

This is the season of redemption. This is the season of freedom. What happened then can happen for us now. This is the mindset we need to have as we begin this month and approach Passover.

This is the season when YAHUAH delivers, but if we're not in tune with Him, we can very easily miss out on our deliverance.

The adversary's number one weapon is distraction.

When Moshe came with the message of freedom, Pharaoh said the people were idle and increased their workload so they wouldn't pay attention to Moshe's words (Shem/Ex. 5:7-9).

If he could keep them "busy," then they wouldn't think about getting free. They would remain his slaves.

If the adversary (aka Pharaoh) can keep us busy, then we too will remain slaves. We won't have time to stop and evaluate our life. We won't have time to even recognize the areas where we're enslaved, and we won't have time to really seek YAHUAH for deliverance.

"This month is the beginning of months for you, it is the first month of the year for you."

This is our cue. Stop and pay attention! Hear the message of freedom!

Yes, we all have things to do, but now is the time to stop and shake off the distractions. What things are truly important, and what things are just taking away our focus?

Put the distractions on the back-burner for now. Focus on YAH, and seek your deliverance.

Where are you trapped? What's keeping you bound or confined? What's making you feel like you're in slavery? How do you want your life to change?

Keep these things in mind throughout this season. Think on these areas and pray to YAH for help. This is the season when YAH sets free and does miracles.

As this is the new year, renew your relationship with YAHUAH.

Reinvigorate your spiritual life. Spend more time in prayer. Be more thoughtful and mindful during your prayers. Set aside time to learn. Everything you do, take it up a notch.

As you do these things, know that they are the keys to your deliverance. The only way we can break free is by strengthening our relationship with YAH.

If we go through this season with the goal of being set free, then we will be set free! We will experience a difference in our life. In some way or form, YAHUAH will set us free.

"This month is the beginning of months for you, it is the first month of the year for you."

This is the beginning for you. Expect great things.

It's Z'man Cheruteinu, the Season of Our Freedom. Don't let it pass you by.


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