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Rosh Chodesh Av

This month of Av is the fifth month of the year. Av means “father,” and we have the Almighty YAHUAH Elohim as our Father.

Five represents the five books of the Torah. So, I suggest that we think about our Father, YAH, within the Torah.

We can see Him in each book, every chapter and verse, and truly in each word!

It is easy to see Him as our Creator in Bereshith (Genesis).

He is our Deliverer and Law-Giver in Shemoth (Exodus).

I thank Him for our priesthood in Wayyiqra (Leviticus) to bring us closer to Himself with our offerings to honor and serve Him.

We see His guidance through the wilderness in Bemidbar (Numbers).

In Debarim (Deuteronomy), YAH provides for us to enter that Garden land on earth in Yisrael.

We are trying to enter that heavenly garden land of Eden. The only way to do that is by living rightly in this earthly garden land of Yisrael.

We are counted with Yisrael as we believe in and worship YAHUAH. The commandments show us the way. We are counted among Yisrael when we keep those commandments.

If we can live YAH’s way of kindness towards others and worship Him with our lifestyles, then we can make it back to that eternal Garden-land of Eden.

This is your chance to see YAH in every way in the Torah. Then, live the example He is teaching you to follow. It will change your outlook, your mindset, and your being.

The smile that comes from your heart and explodes on your face is YAH’s gift to you on the way. He is telling you that you are going to make it.

Make someone’s day and be kind to them by helping in whatever way someone may ask of you.

Because you see Him in the beginning, He will make sure you will see Him in the end, and that’s forever!

Happy Rosh Chodesh Av!


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