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Rosh Chodesh: The Blessings in Relationships

Happy Rosh Chodesh Iyyar!

The second month is here with thankfulness and appreciation. We are thankful to YAH for Passover, and all that it means to be redeemed.

It is the second year in a row where our bitter herb turned sweet at the Passover seder. We appreciate this opportunity to say “yes” to His commandments as at Mt. Sinai.

With an expectant heart, we look forward to a blooming and blossoming congregation. The more that people learn about YAH, the more they will want to serve Him. Now that is exciting!

We at Family of Messiah are so grateful when YAH sends us new family members. We welcome our two new families. HalleluYAH! Two is company and three is a crowd, and we always have a crowd. YAH will have us proliferate like fish. He has told us so. So come, get in line, and be blessed!

Right before Passover, YAH told Ruth to have the people come for their blessing, and that He would bless them as she spoke to them. Well, He did it, and about 40 or so people came and got blessed. Each one had something to say about how good they felt after the blessing.

It takes two to have a relationship, and two to tango so to speak. That’s true enough when we relate to others in our lives, but even more so when we relate and communicate with YAHUAH our Master.

Each one of us must decide how and when to have a relationship with another son or daughter of the Most High YAH. When we say yes, then another comes into our lives as YAH gives us the when or then. His timing is what we wait on.

Most importantly is our relationship with YAH. He is the first and He is the last and aside from Him there is no savior (Yeshayahu/Isaiah 43). He has our lives planned out and in order, so take time to smell the roses.

Give life a second chance,

and let your mind’s eye get a second glance.

The second time around seems familiar,

and now touch and feel real splendor.

With YAHUAH in your life, you really have life,

real life to share with another.

It may be a stranger with a good deed,

or with a friend who is in need,

or even help to a family member with their greed,

but do it anyway with courage and YAH’s speed!

To bless someone is to tell YAH that you love Him.

Enjoy this month and time to count the Omer,

for walking with YAH is better than hitting a homer!

Call us anytime for a blessing for your life!

Come for your joy and peace without any strife!

Sounds good because YAHUAH is the greatest!

Shalom and HalleluYAH!


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