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The Eighth Month: Quiet Rejoicing

Praise YAH for this 8th month of the year - or the second month following Tishrei!

In Tishrei, we made noise, lifted up our voices, and really rejoiced out loud! We hooped it up at Sukkot and prayed for the Nations. Our rejoicing not only gladdened our beings and honored others, but thankfully, it also esteemed YAH which was our real intent and goal for all His festivals last month.

Now this month, the eighth month, is where we say “eight are the days of circumcision.” Circumcision is an act of decision and dedication. So, as we look not so distantly at Hanukkah or the Festival of Dedication, we see that this time is a go-between and flow-between Sukkot (the time of our rejoicing) and Hanukkah (the time of dedication).

Shelomoh in his days celebrated this time and extended the feast of YAH. Well, it does continue, and we go forth with our silent rejoicing! We internalize the joy He gave us last month to solidify that joy into our very being. We let it out joyfully, and now we take it in slowly and quietly. How marvelous is YAH Most High!

This way, the kindness that YAH has shown us can be shared with others at the time He has so directed and will perform for us.

Let it all soak in so that we can be that well of living water for those thirsty folks of the world that He will draw to us! YAH is bringing the world, the multitudes, to our doorsteps, and we must be silent soldiers on duty ready and able to do His will.

Enjoy the quiet and golden silence of Cheshvan. Rejoice within, and let Him strengthen your hearts.

HalleluYAH! Bless His Set-Apart Name now and forever!

Shabbat Shalom and Happy Cheshvan!


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