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Toldot: How to Defy Nature

Parsha Toldot: Bereshith/Genesis 25:19 - 28:9

Earlier this week, we watched a video about the science of epigenetics. It talked about how our genes form the blueprint of our makeup, but many other factors come into play to ultimately determine how that blueprint is read and what the physical result will be.

One of these factors is the mind. What we believe plays a significant role in how our genes are expressed and how our body functions.

For example, everyone knows that mental stress can lead to many different health problems. On the flip side, a person can get well by taking a sugar pill just because he believes it’s working.

Negative thoughts negatively affect our health, and positive thoughts positively affect our health. What we think and what we believe has a direct effect on our physical well-being.

If we think positively and believe we will be made well, then we will be well.

In other words, nature does not have to define us, and that’s exactly what our forefathers Abraham and Yitshaq (Isaac) taught us.

The World of Nature

YAHUAH created an orderly world. He made a world that operates according to certain rules and principles, which we have termed “nature.” These “laws of nature” are what enable us to predict weather patterns, fly an airplane, play baseball, grow crops, and treat illnesses. YAHUAH’s world is an orderly world.

However, man’s downfall is thinking that these “laws of nature” alone govern our existence and determine every outcome. That there is no possibility outside of predictability.

This is where man gets trapped, and where even believers stumble. If we can’t see it or figure it out with our own mind and intellect, then we think there is no way through. That’s what keeps us trapped in this world, the world of nature.

The World Above Nature

Abraham and Yitshaq knew YAHUAH as Creator of the world, and they understood fully what that meant. If YAHUAH created all and continuously sustains the world’s existence, then at any moment, He can change the world as He sees fit. He can create and recreate at will.

Because Abraham and Yitshaq were wholeheartedly connected to the Creator of the universe, they knew that they were not bound by nature. They operated in the realm above nature because YAHUAH is above nature.

Miracles were not “miracles” for them because they fully believed and expected YAHUAH to work above and beyond nature on their behalf. Miracles were normal to them.

Defying Nature

Abraham demonstrated this belief in YAHUAH when he went to rescue Lot. He had 318 men up against the combined army of four kings. According to the rules of this world, he should’ve been obliterated. No one in their right mind would try such a thing.

Yet, Abraham went. He knew better. He knew he wasn’t bound by earthly rules because he was completely connected to YAHUAH Who is Above those rules. His emunah, belief in YAHUAH, gave him a success that was above the rules of nature.

Sarah was 90 years old when she gave birth to Yitshaq. According to nature, she was way past the way of women (childbearing age). There was no earthly way possible that she could conceive and have children.

Sarah laughed because she found it difficult to see beyond nature. Sarah - a righteous matriarch of the set-apart nation! Even she thought it was impossible.

But YAHUAH said to Abraham, “Is any matter too hard for YAHUAH?” (Ber/Gen. 18:14).

Abraham believed that there was nothing too hard for YAHUAH.

He believed that YAHUAH created the laws of nature, and therefore, He could bend or suspend those laws at will.

Abraham believed, and Sarah conceived. YAHUAH changed nature.

Ribqah was barren. For 20 years, she and Yitshaq tried to have kids but couldn’t. Obviously, something was wrong. Obviously, she was physically unable to have children.

What did Yitshaq do? He prayed to YAHUAH for his wife (Ber. 25:21).

Yitshaq learned from his father Abraham that YAH’s people are not bound by nature. He knew that YAHUAH could change reality at will, and he believed it was YAH’s will to bless them with children.

So, he prayed.

He prayed with full belief and expectation that YAHUAH could and would change nature for them.

And what happened? YAHUAH answered his prayer, and Ribqah his wife conceived” (Ber. 25:21).

Against the laws of nature, Ribqah gave birth to twins.

Believe in the Creator

YAHUAH’s people are not bound by nature. We’re not held captive by earthly rules, and we’re not limited by what’s before our eyes like the other nations of the lands.

The other nations are not connected to YAHUAH. They don’t have a direct line to the Creator of the universe.

But we do. We know YAHUAH and have a relationship with Him. We have an “in” with the Master of all.

Through prayer, anything and everything can change.

Our health can change.

Our circumstances can change.

Our loved ones can change.

We can change.

The world can change.

Whatever we pray for, YAHUAH the Creator of all has the ability to change.

All we have to do is ask, and in the blink of an eye, YAHUAH can change everything.

The key you believe it?

May we all be strengthened in our emunah continually, so be it.

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1 Comment

Nov 19, 2018

One of my favorite articles because it shows how brilliant Yahuah made us and the potential one has in being a Yahudim! I love nature but it doesn't come near to the love I have for The Most High Yahuah blessed be His Name! Very well written!

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