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Building His House

YAH blessed Shelomoh (Solomon) because he built the House of YAHUAH.

This was the deed that he was born for, and YAH showed His riches, splendor, and wisdom through Shelomoh, King of Israel. His father, King David, set him up with all the materials needed, as well as instilling in him the desire to build YAH's House. This was the place that His Name would dwell and His presence reside. This was a great gift for the world!

Today, we at Family of Messiah have the calling to build His House. The spiritual provisions have been made by our Father also. YAH has completed us by bringing us back to the Garden, as we just celebrated at the Festival of Dedication (Chanukah) a little over a month ago. Each day of Chanukah perfectly paralleled with the days of the week. We began Day 1 on the first day of the week, and Day 7 was on the seventh day, Shabbat. On that day, we rested as our Father rested on the Sabbath in Creation of the World.

Our completion as His ministry and as His Nation is sealed. Everyone who joins themselves with us enters back into that Garden of Eden and will only be blessed.

If you are moved to help us build the House of YAHUAH, then you will be blessed forever!!! Whatever the amount you decide to give towards His House and for His Name will be recorded not only by us but by your Heavenly Father. No greater joy could you have, and YAHUAH will be esteemed!



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