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Just One Life

How to Change the World - Pikuach Nefesh (saving a life)

One of the goals of Family of Messiah is Pikuach Nefesh, the preservation of life, or put more simply: "saving a life." Last week, after a very memorable meeting, we came to a greater realization of the importance of such a goal and just how to go about it.

Last Shabbat, as we gathered in the living room passing the last few hours before Havdalah (the end of the Sabbath), the doorbell rang.

"Who in the world...?"

We weren't expecting anyone, and our doorbell almost NEVER rings on Shabbat.

After a few glances through the curtains and a quick peek through the peephole, we opened the door to find our old family friends whom we hadn't seen in years! They decided to drop in for a surprise, just barely remembering where we lived (I believe YAH helped them you'll soon see why).

We sat and talked and talked - catching up, sharing pictures, and reminiscing of old times - both good and bad. It was really a blessing to know that her life (and her children's lives) were going well. Many times, we had thought about them over the years and prayed for them, and now we knew that our thoughts and our prayers were heard.

At one point, as we talked, our friend said to her youngest daughter (who was only a toddler the last time we saw her - now 13) that Mr. & Mrs. Dunn were responsible for their belief. Everything she had taught her children, she learned from them.

Then, after much more talking and laughing, as she was preparing to leave, she stopped and sincerely said to Ruth and Mike, "Thank you. You saved my life."

Undoubtedly, they both were deeply humbled to hear such heartfelt and meaningful words. They were humbled, and yet thankful that YAH had used them to have such an impact on someone's life.

I, too, was grateful to hear her say these words to my parents. To know they had such an impact is both inspiring and encouraging.

It is also deeply rewarding to know that with everything my parents have been through in their lives - everything that we have been through as a family - if just one life is saved, then it's all worth it.

The sages teach that if one life is changed, then the whole world is changed, for each life is a "world" unto itself. One person whose life has changed indeed feels as if the whole world did change. As the case with our friend, not only was she saved, but also her children and her children's children - her world.

That is what this ministry Family of Messiah is all about. That is what YAHUAH's nation of Yisra'el is about. That is what each and every Yahudi(te) should be about - working and striving to change the world. To bring the kindness of Elohim into the earth so that the world may know Him.

Ruth and Mike's kindness saved a life and brought a family to know the Almighty, saving all of their lives. With every single life, the world changes - for the better.

So, be encouraged!

In everything that you do and in everything that you go through, do not lose heart. Don't lose focus of the mission. Our goal is to change the world!

Every person we meet is a potential recipient of our kindness. Therefore, practice kindness.

Practice TRUE kindness.

Share yourself, your gifts, your talents, your time, your possessions - everything you have - share it!

That's how the kindness of YAHUAH spreads in the earth. That's how lives are changed! That's how the world is changed!

Live for YAHUAH. Esteem Him by making Him known in the world through YOUR kindness.

You may never know the full impact of your deeds. You may never know how many lives you've changed.

But if you treat every person as "just one life," you are sure to make a difference.

For in that "one life," you change the world.

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