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Loving YAHUAH with All Our Heart, Being, & Might

“And you shall love יהוה your Elohim with all your heart, and with all your being, and with all your might."

(Deb/Deut. 6:4)

We are commanded to love YAHUAH with all our heart, being, and might. With all our emotions and strength, we make our love for Him complete.

With All Your Heart

YAHUAH has made humans to love. Love is birthed within our hearts.

Love is also fed within our hearts. Our heart keeps love from dying out. It sustains our love. If we do not feed it, it will starve. We must nurture and feed love to keep it thriving.

Man can love many things. For example, we can love first the Almighty, then our mate and family, and then also entertaining things such as sports, music, art, etc.

We are commanded to love YAHUAH. YAHUAH has placed the love of the Father in us and has commanded us to love Him with all our heart.

Loving YAHUAH with all our heart means that we truly and honestly appreciate Him.

Appreciation is a major part of love. Show Him and tell Him how much you appreciate Him. See Him in every area of life. Tell Him thanks for everything, especially for the good, and show Him appreciation.

Just say, “I appreciate You, YAH, so much.” Mean it when you say it, and you’re showing Him that you love Him.

With All Your Being

Another area of love is to love YAHUAH with all our being or soul. The soul is our mind, will, and emotions.

We are mindful of the one we love. We find out what they like and don’t like. Therefore, we must be mindful of the One Creator of the universe. Get to know Him through reading and bring remembrance to His Name.

Also, when we love someone, we attach ourselves to them. Our love for YAHUAH comes through when we set our minds to become attached to Him.

It is written in the Scriptures that we should cling to Him (Deb/Deut. 10:20; 13:4). To cling to YAHUAH, we think good thoughts about Him. Take time to bless Him for His kindness.

This attachment is loving YAHUAH with all your being.

We are truly attached to YAHUAH when His will becomes our will.

Our mind begins to be like His (even though His thoughts are greater), and our emotions become more peaceful to where we’re not so anxious or stirred up.

When we attach our being (soul) to the Almighty, He releases His Spirit that guides us. We will feel His Presence and exult in Him. He is full of splendor, and so will we be when we cling to Him.

With All Your Might

Our might is our strength. In what areas of your life are you strong?

Serve YAHUAH with your talents. If you sing, then sing to Him. If you dance, then dance for Him. If you write or speak, then write or speak for Him.

Be devoted. This is something we do with actions. With appreciation and attachment in place, we have no choice but to show devotion.

Now that you love Him with all your heart and being, put your appreciation and attachment into action.

We thank YAHUAH with words, and we thank Him with our actions, such as doing kind deeds for others and blessing other people. Make time for Him to show appreciation through prayers and praises.

Keeping His commandments is also a form of showing appreciation and attachment.

When we are devoted to YAHUAH, then we are feeding and sustaining our love for Him. This allows love to thrive. Without these, love cannot exist.

Love begins when we are first aware of His Name and His kindness, and it must grow by feeding it with attention. Paying attention to the Master is the key to causing love to grow and be sustained.

Appreciation, attachment, and devotion belong to YAHUAH.

Now, watch favor pour out on our lives when we do what it takes to bring love to completion.

Love will never fail!

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