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Our Exodus: Out of Christianity & Out of the New Testament

Why are we no longer Christians?

Because we came out of Egypt.

Why do we no longer follow the New Testament?

Because Egypt came out of us.

Years ago, when we learned the truth of YAH’s Name and about all the pagan origins of Christianity, we left Egypt. His Name was the initiator. Once His Name was revealed, we were on track to leave Mitsrayim. Our Exodus had begun.

Spiritually, Mitsrayim is the world of false religions, most notably Christianity. Christianity holds people in spiritual slavery. They are unable to worship the One True Elohim, Creator of the universe - not by His Name nor in the manner He prescribed.

Christianity is avodah zarah b’shituf (lit. "foreign worship in combination"). It is worship of the Almighty along with worship of idols.

Even if people don’t think they are worshiping idols, the rituals and practices of Christianity are indeed idolatry. Many originated in paganism, and those that didn’t are idolatry nonetheless - focusing on the worship of one other than the Most High YAHUAH.

We were enslaved by Christianity. Unable to be free because of the falsehood and deception.

But then His Name was revealed, and slowly all the truth about Christianity was revealed. YAHUAH brought us out. He delivered us from spiritual bondage. Out of Christianity, out of spiritual Egypt.

But that wasn’t the end of it. We left Egypt, but Egypt hadn’t left us.

So, we entered the wilderness.

The wilderness was a necessary part of Yisrael’s journey home to the Promised Land. In the wilderness, the children of Yisrael endured trials and learned Torah. There the Egyptian mentality, lifestyle, and beliefs were uprooted and the set-apart ways of YAH implanted.

All of Egypt had to be uprooted in order for the Torah to fully take root and for them to merit the inheritance of their fathers.

For a while, we remained in the wilderness. We were ‘out’ of Christianity, but Christianity was not out of us. We still had a Christian mindset because we still held the Christian belief - meaning we still read and believed the New Testament.

We used a “set-apart” version, calling it various names - the Brit Chadasha, Messianic scriptures, Renewed Covenant, etc. - but it was still the New Testament. It was still the book of Christianity, the fundamental doctrine of the religion that was mixed with so much falsehood and idolatry. We used Hebrew names and words, but the fundamental Christian belief was still there inside us.

It was hard to let go. Egypt had a hold on us.

Some of us complained and groaned. Some of us turned and went back. Spiritually, Pharaoh was fighting to keep us enslaved.

Then, we came to the moment of truth. The Messenger of YAHUAH made a distinction between us and Egypt. We could not turn back.

But we couldn’t move forward either.

We were stuck. On one side, there was Pharaoh and Christianity. On the other side, there was the sea - the New Testament ideology that we could not move beyond.

Can’t move forward. Can’t return. What would we do?

We looked Above. We kept our eyes on YAHUAH, the One and Only Elohim.

We didn’t listen to the grumblers and complainers. To the fearful and the obstinate. Nor to the rebellious and the haughty.

We looked to the One True El, and stepped out in belief. When everyone doubted, we took a leap of faith. We believed YAH’s word and moved forward.

Then, YAHUAH split the sea. Our understanding opened up. The mindset that kept us from freedom broke open. The sea split, and we went through the waters, the cleansing waters, removing the last traces of Egypt.

The waters returned and drowned the Egyptians. Egypt was washed away - never, never to be seen again.

Now, the Torah has taken root and is able to flourish unhindered. Now, for the first time, everything makes sense. No need for elaborate explanations. Just simple truth.

For the first time, we feel truly and deeply connected to Yisrael. No longer at odds, no longer condemning one another, but joining - truly joining - in Torah obedience and service of YAH.

Egypt is gone. Completely.

Never will we see them again.


On to the Promised Land.

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