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PURIM: Spiritual Warfare Battle

The Spirit of Elohim has sent the Moshiach, the Sovereign of Esteem, to us as written in Zechariah 2:10:

“Sing and rejoice, O daughter of Tsiyon! For look, I am coming, and shall dwell in your midst,” declares יהוה.”

The Messiah YahuShuah is seated high upon the Throne of YAH. He is the Light of Elohim from the beginning. The Messiah of Heaven and earth was with Adam in the Garden. He has been from the beginning and shall forever be. He is the Ancient of Days. He is Truth and Kindness.

The Mashiach YahuShuah has two sides to Him, or two Anointings.

The Priestly Messiah has come and made atonement for our sins. Therefore, when we believe and repent, the compassion of YAH - through the favor He gave to the Messiah - shall atone for our sins. We are forgiven, and therefore, we live.

Now, the Kingly Messiah has to come so that we receive atonement for our lives on earth, so that we have a good and prosperous life.

The Messiah our King has been revealed. He is here and has been fighting for us. He will fight in a greater way because a new generation has begun. I believe this new generation began in 2015.


The hand of Amalek is upon the throne of YAH. It is written that from generation to generation the Most High will fight against Amalek:

“Because a hand is on the throne of Yah, יהוה is to fight against Amalĕq, from generation to generation.” (Shem/Ex. 17:16)

Today, Amalek is a spirit of hatred against the people of the Most High. Its desire is to destroy Yisra'el wherever they might be.

Amalek’s battle is a spiritual one, but the evidence of death and harm is seen in the natural realm. The age of wickedness is here, and evil is everywhere. People don’t have a clue of what’s happening. Death, disease, demonic attacks, horrible accidents, and much tragedy and disaster have come upon mankind.

All people - Jews and Gentiles - are dealing with the destruction, but a deadly hatred and destruction of the Jews is surfacing once again. This wickedness is like the Axis of Evil when Hitler rose to power to destroy and wipe out the Hebrews, the chosen people of the Most High. The devil is against YAH, and his aim is to destroy whatever and whomever YAH loves - and that’s His people.

Amalek will be defeated, and this generation will have peace!


In 1945, World War II ended, and Hitler was destroyed along with his top leaders. It has been 72 years since the end of the war when millions of Jewish people were murdered in the most inhumane way. I ask “Why?” like so many others.

Look back at the time when Yehoshua (Joshua) fought with Amalek and prevailed. It is written in Exodus 17:8-16. Now, it was right after the people had tested YAH and doubted His Presence (vs. 7). Still, YAH was compassionate towards them.

Moshe was their intercessor who sat before the Almighty. He had Aaron on one side of him, and Hur on the other. This is a picture of Moses with the Priestly anointing of the Messiah through Aaron on one side and the Kingly anointing of Messiah through Hur on the other side. Together, the three praised the Most High.

When Moshe’s hands came down, the enemy prevailed, and when Moshe’s hands were lifted up, Yehoshua prevailed against Amalek. They fought until the going down of the sun, and Yehoshua won the victory against Amalek.

A chosen one has to be in the place of Moses to be intercessor in the battle agaisnt Amalek.


The time of Purim is the 14th day of Adar, which corresponds to the 12th of March.

We are to remember the generation of Esther when Amalek’s evil descendant Haman rose up to destroy the Yahudim and take all their possessions. Haman was a descendant of Agag, the Amalekite whom King Saul allowed to live.

Esther interceded before the king on behalf of her people, explaining to the king how the evil Haman plotted to destroy her people on the 12th and 13th of Adar. There were two days of battle. During this time, Mordecai, Esther, and the Yahudim prayed while others fought for their lives and their possessions. YAHUAH delivered them from death!

It has been a generation since World War II, and this Purim season is the season for spiritual warfare.

In a vision on 2/28/17, I saw Amalek going out from his place. He had a black cloak on his shoulders. I didn’t hear his name spoken, but I know that it was him. In the past year, anti-Semitism has increased greatly across America - from the college campuses to workplaces to synagogues and cemeteries. Anti-Semitism has also been on the rise in Europe for the past three or four years.

It is time for us to take a stand and fight against Amalek to save YAH’s people!

The Battle of Intercession: We will praise YAHUAH with lifted hands. The elect of the assembly shall intercede with lifted hands until the going down of the sun.

YahuShuah our King Messiah shall come with all the set-apart ones, the messengers of El Most High, and it is He who shall fight Amalek and prevail. This is a spiritual war.

And Mosheh said to Yehoshua, “Choose for us men and go out, fight with Amalĕq. Tomorrow I am stationing myself on the top of the hill with the rod of Elohim in my hand.” (Shem/Ex. 17:9)

The dates and times listed in the Book of Esther will be our day of battle.

YahuShuah our King will fight Amalek while the Assembly of Elohim praises YAHUAH. With the rod of Elohim in my hands, I will intercede for all Yisrael world wide.

Messiah YahuShuah our King has come, and He is in our midst. Therefore, unlike the people in the wilderness who doubted, we know that we know: YAHUAH is with us!

While we are praying and entering the battle, Jews all over the world will be reading the Megillah (Scroll) of Esther making a united spiritual front to disarm every evil force that distresses us.

This year at Purim is the time and season that we fight for the annihilation of Amalek - the evil distressing spirit that seeks to destroy YAH’s people. On this day, the devil of destruction shall be annihilated!

Thank You YAH, for I can no longer bear the destruction and the plots to destroy my people. No more Hitler, no more Mussolini, and no more Hirohito!

All of the puzzle pieces have been put together. We are among those who have escaped Babylon! We have made it back before YAH into His realm to serve Him. We have been made ready to stand in the gap. There is no doubting among us.

We know that the Presence of Elohim is in our midst because the King has revealed Himself. He will destroy as we use our lips to speak praises.

HalleluYAH! Praise YAHUAH! YAH will deliver His people!


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