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Rosh Chodesh: The Month of Dedication

Shalom and Happy Rosh Chodesh Kislev!

Kislev is the ninth month, and nine are the months of pregnancy.

This is completion and delivery month. It is also the month of dedication.

Because eight precedes nine, our circumcision comes before our birth. We are thus born into His covenant.

This is understandable as YAH plans our return to Himself all day everyday. He wants us to draw near.

At the Festival of Dedication (Hanukkah), we can feel His pull on us as we draw nearer and nearer and belong to Him even more so!

What many people will be doing at this time of year is making a list of things that they want to receive. But our lists should be of people to whom we can show kindness!

Think of someone in need or a stranger that you don’t know yet, and add them to your list.

It is always a time for giving, just like everyday should be thanksgiving day.

YAH deserves our thanks for He is giving life, sustaining with provisions, healing, and delivering at every moment of every day! When we give and show kindness like that we are acting like YAH!

This is the set-apart ground for real dedication. This is also where there is real joy.

Try giving and see if you are growing closer to YAH or not!

He is the Almighty Most High, and if you give, people can hear His Name.

Proclaim His Name by your kindness. The world will see, hear, and know that He is YAH, and He is good, true, and ours!

Yes, our Elohim in Whom we trust! The world needs Him!

He wants you to show His kindness. Call it “Kislev Kindness” and do it!

You will feel great, and you will give YAH praise! That’s what we all need to give.

Have a blessed Kislev, and Happy Hanukkah (Dedication).



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