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Seeds of Redemption

Parsha Vayigash - Bereshith/Genesis 44:18 - 47:27

Last week, as we celebrated Chanukah, we remembered the great work of YAH as He created the whole world. On the first day, Elohim created Light. This Light was the Light of Mashiach, the deliverance of Elohim. Before creating the world and before creating man, YAHUAH created deliverance.

At the root of every exile is redemption. We do not go down unless YAH first has a way of bringing us back up.

In this week’s Torah portion, Parsha Vayigash, Ya’aqob and his entire family go down to Mitsrayim (Egypt). The famine was severe in their homeland of Kena’an, and they would have perished if not for Yoseph.

When Yoseph revealed himself to his brothers, he said, “And Elohim sent me before you to preserve for you a remnant in the earth, and to give life to you by a great escape.” (Ber/Gen. 45:7)

He was not angry with his brothers because he saw the hand of Elohim in all that had happened.

Twenty-two years before Ya’aqob and his sons reached the point of near starvation, YAHUAH set in motion a plan of salvation.

Planting Seeds in the Dark


Ya’aqob had been through many trials in his life. He said, “Few and evil have been the days of the years of my life” (Ber/Gen. 47:9). The worst of times was probably the twenty years he spent in Paddan Aram serving his uncle Laban.

Yet, out of that dark period of his life, came his redemption. During those years, he met and married Rachel, Yoseph’s mother.

Years later, Yoseph would bring him down to Mitsrayim, provide for all his needs, and give him the best of the land. Finally, Ya’aqob would have peace.


Yoseph was betrayed by his brothers and sold into slavery. For the next thirteen years, he lived as a slave and prisoner. As with his father, in Yoseph’s darkest moments came the beginnings of his redemption.

He was a servant in Potiphar’s house, and Potiphar’s wife’s accusations caused Yoseph to go to prison.

But in that prison, Yoseph showed kindness to the cupbearer who (eventually) remembered Yoseph before Pharaoh which then set in motion Yoseph’s instant rise to power.

Not only was that his personal redemption, but it became the salvation for his family and the whole world.

In their darkest moments, the seeds of redemption were planted.

The Purpose of Hardship

Ya’aqob and Yoseph endured so much. Yet, their trials and hardships were all part of YAH’s plan.

Surely, YAH can reveal His plan without the troubles. But the “troubles” are necessary. The troubles change us and cause us to become who YAH desires us to be.

They push us to grow, to better ourselves, to change in ways that we might not do otherwise. They make us become who we’re supposed to be.

Ya’aqob’s trials gave him the strength of endurance. This endurance became a foundation pillar in the nation of Yisrael. All of Yisrael would have this spiritual strength within them.

Yoseph’s sufferings taught him compassion and humility, characteristics necessary for a leader called to save others from suffering.

Also, His faith in YAHUAH and his set-apartness in the midst of a pagan world paved the way for the Hebrews to survive all the way up to the time of Mosheh.

Everything they endured, led them to become the leaders YAHUAH called them to be. When they were ready, their redemption came.

Redemption in an Instant

Yoseph and Ya’aqob both retained their faith in the midst of their troubles. They stayed focused on YAHUAH, and in an instant, their redemption came!

One minute, Yoseph was a prisoner. The next, he was yanked out, washed, dressed, and appointed governor.

One minute, Ya’aqob was grieved and nearing starvation and the demise of his people. The next, he gets word that his son is alive and has invited him to come live in the best of the land with provisions for all.

When it’s time, it’s time! YAHUAH acts speedily when it's time!

In a mere moment, everything can change!

Stay Strong!

YAHUAH never promised us an easy, problem-free life. He promised us salvation and deliverance from all our distresses when we call on Him.

Everything we go through has an end. Out of darkness, comes light. Out of exile, comes redemption.

Whatever the situation, YAH already has the plan of salvation in place. The seeds have already been planted.

How many times have you looked back on a situation and could see all the dots connect? How one thing led to another, and to another, and how that eventually brought you out of the situation?

You don’t see all the dots in the middle of the trial, but they’re still there. Because YAH already has your plan of salvation in place.

We just need to stay focused on Him.

Not on your problems. Not on your situation. On YAH.

Be strong, and hold onto your belief. YAHUAH is a good Elohim. Trust Him.

And most importantly, listen and receive the message YAH is giving you.

Instead of asking, “Why me?”, ask “Why me?”

"Why am I in this situation? How does YAH want me to change? How does He expect me to grow? What does He want me to learn?"

When you’re ready, redemption is soon to come.

So, endure. Endure as our fathers Ya’aqob and Yoseph endured.

Your plan of redemption is already in place.

Shall He bring you to the point of birth and not deliver? (Yesh/Is. 66:9)

Wait on YAHUAH. Trust. And endure.

The plan is already in place.

Redemption will come in an instant!

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Dec 24, 2018

Thanks for the encouragement and positive words! A beautiful teaching!

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