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The Covenant: The Well of Salvation

From this Well we drink so that we have life and a good life!

All must follow the Priest Messiah to make themselves set-apart unto YAHUAH, and we must accept the King Messiah who is in our midst to fight for our salvation and guide us in the earth.

While our High Priest draws us closer to the Almighty, teaching us how to obey Him, how to love Him, and how to not separate from His word, our King is teaching us how to live a set-apart lifestyle among the people of the world and to be separate from the filth of the world. We must learn to walk and talk in love.

The Most High YAHUAH will keep His promise to bless our life when we are obedient to be His children. He will keep His covenant because He is faithful and loyal as He has said:

“And you shall know that יהוה your Elohim, He is Elohim, the trustworthy Ěl guarding covenant and kindness for a thousand generations with those who love Him, and those who guard His commands,” (Deb/Deut. 7:9)


  • Know what is clean and unclean or what is profane and set-apart (such as clean and unclean foods)

  • Study the Torah and learn His Laws

  • Separate from corrupt people

  • Avoid filthy wicked lucre (money, riches)

  • Do not rob “the poor of YAH's people”

  • Do not steal from the widow

  • Do not harm orphans

  • Distinguish between what is defiled and what is pure

  • Do not profane the Set-Apart Place if you should become defiled

  • Must be set-apart to the Most High YAHUAH

  • Know the difference between set-apart and profane

  • Must keep His Sabbath Day according to the specifications

  • Keep the Set-Apart Days (the Appointed times) including the days of fasting

  • Must love your brother as yourself

  • Support the poor, needy, and the stranger

  • Must seek the welfare of one another, never betraying one another

  • Each reprove his fellow members according to the commands

  • Do not hold a grudge from day to day

  • Separate oneself from all kinds of impurities, such as eating blood, and any and all forms of sexual impurities or promiscuity. Must do nothing to defile your set-apart spirit

  • Remove oneself from wicked or evil customs of the world

  • Remove oneself from Babylon (from depending on the world to depending on Elohim)

All must conduct their lives according to these laws and precepts in set-apartness.

Drink from this well, and you will live and be blessed!



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