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The Scarlet Thread: A Sign of Hope and Deliverance

The Almighty is great and awesome. I stand in awe of Him. Praise to His Set-Apart Name!

I will start out with some revelation knowledge:

I saw, in a dream, two groups of people, one on the right side and one on the left. In the center was another group, a special group, and above them, they all came together. I believe I heard the Master say, “On top of My mountain is set-apart.” This means that all who reach the top are set-apart.

I had another dream several years ago. I was traveling with a group of people through the desert. We walked until we came to a calm river. I was leading the group, and as I came to the river, I said, “I can't swim. How will we get to the other side?”

On the other side of the river, there was a building where we were supposed to go. I said to myself, “I can’t swim, but I’m going across.” So, I proceeded to cross as if I was going to walk on the water.

I stepped out into the water, and immediately, to my surprise, a large boulder came up from beneath the water and caught under my foot. As I took another step, another boulder appeared. I was elated! I kept walking across with everyone following behind me in my footsteps.

When we crossed the river, we entered the building and were seated. There were other people in the room next door to us. We were separated by a wall, but we could still hear them. They were loud and rowdy. They seemed to be worldly or secular. They weren’t spiritual people; yet, they were not evil either. They were doing no harm to anyone, just having what sounded like a good time.

As I sat, I thought that the place must be a type of rescue. I had the impression that we were supposed to wait there until the Father carried out His indignation, as the Scriptures say to "shut the doors behind you; hide yourself, as it were, for a little while, until the displeasure is past." (Yesh/Is. 26:20).

YAH's Remnant

I believe the river in my dream was the Sambatyon River. The Sambatyon is known in tradition as the river that keeps the lost tribes of Israel from returning. Legend has it that the river is filled with huge boulders. Six days of the week, the river rages tossing the boulders about so that no one can cross it. Only on the Sabbath is the river calm.

In my dream, we were crossing this river, so it must have been the Sabbath as it was calm. We were the returning ones. This shows that YAHUAH is going to bring back His people from among the nations where they have been scattered.

The people we heard in the other room were gentiles. YAHUAH is also going to include a portion of the gentiles (non-Jews) in His remnant. We both were saved in the place of refuge together.

This is also the meaning of the first dream. YAHUAH will save His people of the Hebrew nation which was one group on one side, and He will also save a portion of the gentiles which was the other group on the other side. The two will come together as one set-apart people.

I’ve had several other dreams confirming this in which I saw a portion of gentiles along with the Hebrew nation. The remnant that will be saved in the Day of Judgment is made of both peoples.

The Thread of Hope

The judgment on the world is across the board. The world is guilty. Evil ones are committing major crimes against humanity.

Elohim's judgment is in the earth. Right now, YAHUAH is using several means to separate the world of wrongdoers from those who are righteous. The evil, the wrong, and the rebellious will come under judgment. However, YAHUAH will protect the righteous.

So, who is righteous? Who has a righteous heart? Who sighs at the abominations in the world? Who is is fed up and tired of the works of evil?

Family of Messiah is a branch of righteousness. Therefore, all those joining to this House of believers will be blessed and will be helped through these days of hardship.

This is how we recognize all those who are part of this family of believers:

  • First, you must observe the Passover. Everyone who wants to be of the remnant of YAHUAH must observe this memorial.

  • Secondly, you must show kindness toward this House. YAHUAH told me that He will bless everyone who blesses me.

If you show me and this House (Family of Messiah) kindness, then you will build merits in Heaven that will bring you salvation in the day of judgment.

When someone blesses me and/or this House, I will bless them in return. We believe with complete emunah (faith) that YAHUAH will hear our prayers, and He will turn the plan of destruction and judgment into mercy and compassion.

As a symbol of my blessing, I will send you a scarlet thread. This thread will stand as a symbol of the blessing of salvation for you and your household (Yehoshua/Joshua 2).

You bless me, and I will bless you. Then, you and your household will escape the sword of judgment. Everyday can be a day of judgment for someone, therefore, I highly recommend you doing this good. We entreat His kindness and compassion for all His people.

The kindness of YAHUAH is awesome! His kindness is love and life! We are free from the judgment and free to receive mercy and kindness!

Send your blessing today, and receive your blessing in return. Get your scarlet thread, survive, and live in freedom!

Family of Messiah Assembly

PO Box 50884

Summerville, SC 29485



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