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The Sixth Month: Time and Preparation

Elul is the sixth month of the year. On the sixth day, YAH made man. Then, on the seventh day, YAH rested and was refreshed. He also gave man, that’s us, a day of rest right after creating us.

Wow! Our first day on the job so to speak was a day off. Now only YAHUAH, The Most High, could do such a thing, and believe me, it is a good thing. Anyone in this day and age would like to have a day of rest and peace without demands or deadlines.

Look at the eclipse this week. This was a sign of YAH’s greatness and goodness. We had a double dusk and a double dawn. There was no time to get up and go, nor time to sit down and yawn. It happened so “slowly fast” that it was over in about an hour and a half.

The point that I am trying to make is that YAH is in charge of time - day and night, seasons that change, and time everlasting. His plan came all the way across this country to end in Charleston, South Carolina.

Where is Family of Messiah?

You might want to come here, too. You are welcome here with us to worship and esteem YAHUAH! That is what it is all about!

The sixth day, we try our best to get ready for Shabbat. And when it is over, we rest because He brings the Sabbath in.

Let this month of Elul be one for us to prepare for YAH and all His blessings that He will have for the Feast days which will be coming soon.

Stay tuned in and tuned on for He is doing great things in our midst for He, YAHUAH, is in our midst.

Blessed be the Name of YAHUAH now and forever.

May YAH give you time and place to prepare for you to serve Him and to worship Him this month and always.

Shalom and Love to you all!


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