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Words of Life and Peace for the World

At Shavuot, we celebrate receiving YAH’s Commands and Laws. That is when we really became His people and nation. Everyone must answer His call with an “I do” or “I don’t.” This revelation didn’t happen in a vacuum, and so our response also has far reaching effects. I pray that we can share His light with all the world! Happy Shavuot!


There at Mount Sinai was Yisrael gathered as one,

waiting for YAH for He said He would come.

About to receive His Torah and Commands,

Written by the Almighty’s very own hand.

Hearing His voice was almost too much,

But Mosheh was prepared for just such.

By our ancestors saying, “We will hear and obey,”

We can rejoice and celebrate this wonderful day.

With their affirmation, they became His nation,

And so we should proclaim it to this our generation!

With the joy of priests and splendor of kings,

We were chosen to teach the world of His set-apart things.

By carrying His laws and belonging to Him - now that’s responsibility,

Oh YAH, keep me humble in word and deed,

And may I greatly esteem only Thee.

Because you love us, and because You always care,

That is what I’ll tell others, and Your Name will I share!


Hear the Ten Commandments:

The Words that shook the world are the very same words that bring peace to your being. Exodus/Shemot 20



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