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A Pleasant Word of YAH (Passover 2024)

20 Abib 5784 (4/28/24)

A Pleasant Word of YAH

"Hear the Word of YAHUAH, you people of the world, for it is I Who am speaking to you. This word is a pleasant word for all my human creatures. Hear Me, and listen carefully.

I am destroying certain areas of the world. I am allowing this to happen so that the living will awaken. Evils are all around and hatred is plummeting the earth. Violence and poverty are ravishing the earth. But what is stirring Me are the killings that are going on. Man has lost their respect for life. Not caring.

In the midst of turmoil, out from heaven, a red thread is coming down in several places. This thread from heaven will represent My redemption. It will come in places where My Name is remembered and praised. These red threads are a symbol of My Hand of right-ruling, justice. All who grab a hold of the red thread are My people whom I am saving. I am the Savior of the world.

I shall save My people from destruction for I have said in My word, “No weapon formed against you shall prosper.” The red thread is a thread of life, and you shall live in this life and in the world to come. I am YAHUAH, the Savior of the world. 

The red thread is the Love Train to deliver you from all your iniquities and sins. It will use love to purify your hearts to serve Me. You cannot serve Me without love. Love is essential.

Hear My Word, My people, and listen. Gain knowledge and understanding. To receive this thread, one must choose life and good. Get knowledge and get understanding. Know what you are doing. If you are living in ignorance because you choose another who is not your savior, and you do not accept Me or My word, then you are on the road of destruction. You must turn to serve only Me. 

The tornadoes are going through, and there will be storms. They are coming through to destroy your comfort and to shake you to wake you. I am YAHUAH Savior of the world. You must be awakened to My Name so you understand who I am. The day is coming when all will know My Name. I am YAHUAH your Savior.

The red thread is the life rope coming down to rescue all those belonging to Me for I am kind and trustworthy. I’ll defeat all your enemies who oppress you because it was I who sent your oppressors to you, to cause you trouble so that you turn your life around to serve Me with your whole heart. 

If you have troubles in your life, it is because you have chosen death and evil. Evil will be on your back until you come to Me, your true Father, or die in the process. I am the Sovereign of the world. Turn now from your rebellion, and turn to Me, for I am YAHUAH the Savior of the world.

Hear this: you are to support My people Yisrael for I am with Yisrael, and no more shall their enemies devastate them. I gave to them the wisdom and technological ability to defend themselves. They will fight, and they will conquer their enemies. If you do anything against Yisrael, you’re doing it against Me. Peace will come when I give the land peace.

You are to pray and exalt Me, the Master of the universe. I will bring peace to your life. You will know when the red thread is in your midst. You will see the redemption of My Hand. You will feel the deliverance when it comes to you, and you shall understand My salvation when it covers you - like a soft cloud on a sunny day. A breath of fresh air for My children whom I love.

Be separated unto Me and know that I am the Master of the universe. Only good will come to you. Therefore, let your hearts rejoice, for you have chosen life and good, which places you on the good path of life. You will have such a good life that you will feel the Presence of heaven all around you. I am that Presence that will cause you to be uplifted in a joy you’ve never felt before and a love that is inevitably good. 

My words are true. Read them, and learn of Me. I am in the Torah for it is I whom the word speaks. 

Honor Me, and I will honor you. Trust in Me, and I will be trustworthy to you. Love Me, and you will feel My tremendous love for you. And exalt Me always, and I will raise you up and let you sit in royalty. Royalty and trust are with Me, and you too will have royalty and be special people unto Me.

Keep yourself from all evil and bad acts. Be set-apart to Me so that you live on the good and pleasant road of life. On this road of life and good is where I am.

I am your Savior, for I YAHUAH (am) Savior of the world. Make the right choice so that you live and live in the earth forever.

I am making the earth in that day to be a pleasant place for the living. Oh My people, be My people, and live in this pleasant earth which I have made because I look upon you and your love stirs My heart!

I love My children, and I have become their Father, the Maker of Heaven and earth."


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