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Jesus was NOT the Passover Lamb...or was he?

In a previous blog, we discussed how coming out of Christianity requires a lot of deprogramming. Passover is another good opportunity to debunk some myths and set the record straight.

Passover, a spring festival, always falls on or near the Christian holiday of Easter. Easter is a pagan holiday that morphed into a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus (JC). (For more info, click here.)

The proximity of Passover and Easter has led many Christians to believe the teaching that the two are connected and that JC died on Passover. They teach that JC was the Passover lamb, the perfect Passover offering.

They go on to say that the blood of the lamb on the doorposts and lintel represented JC's blood. His blood atoned for our sins so that death can "pass over" us. Thus, they say JC "fulfilled" Passover.

This is a basic Christian understanding of Passover. Almost every Christian would agree with this, especially those who study Hebrew roots.

Even many who say they have come out of Christianity (yet still follow the New Testament) believe this Christian teaching that JC (or whatever name they use for the one in gospels) is the Passover lamb.

This teaching is wholly incorrect. It's based on incorrect understandings of Passover, the offerings, and the whole Exodus itself.

Jesus is NOT the Passover lamb.

A Couple of Reasons Why He's Not

  • The Passover lamb had to be perfect, unblemished. According to the New Testament, JC was beaten, whipped, stabbed, and cut.

  • The Passover lamb had to be slaughtered at the Set-Apart Place and roasted in fire. JC was crucified, not burned, on Calvary, not at the Temple in Jerusalem.

  • The Passover offering was a type of peace offering, a thanksgiving offering for deliverance. It was not a sin offering to atone for sin.

A Bigger Reason Why

In order to be set free from Mitsrayim (Egypt), YAHUAH commanded the Hebrew people to slaughter a lamb. Why a lamb?

It was an Egyptian idol. The Egyptians worshiped sheep, and the Hebrew people had begun to follow their ways in idolatry.

YAHUAH commanded them to slaughter the idol in order to be redeemed. This proved that they rejected idolatry and were committed to serve YAHUAH alone. The blood on the doorpost proved that they killed the idol and no longer worshiped it.

If Christianity insists that Jesus is indeed the Passover lamb, then they are insisting that he is an idol.

They are insisting that he was killed to prove that he had no power. If he was the Passover lamb, then he was an abomination, and no one should follow him.

Any Christian who fully understood Passover and the Exodus in its true context would never admit that JC really was the Passover lamb. He would not be able to admit that JC was an idol.

Yet, for those of us who know the truth and have truly come out of all Christianity, for us ... maybe JC is our Passover lamb.

In order for us to leave the falsehoods of Christianity and completely return to the set-apart truth, we will have to slaughter that idol from our hearts and worship YAHUAH alone.

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