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Oneness: Spirit, Soul, & Body

I believe that the desire of the Almighty יהוה is to bring all His people back to the Garden of Eden. This Garden of Eden is the place where the Almighty placed the man that He made so that man would tend to His garden while He tends to man. The garden today is a “spiritual” place in life where we walk and talk with our Maker.

The Almighty YAH made the Heavens and the earth. He created man and gave him a physical body to dwell in the earth. YAHUAH dwells in the heaven and has desired to dwell among His people in the earth. He made the Garden of Eden, a place for man to meet with Him in the earth. Adam sinned and lost the dwelling place that He had with YAH. Yet, man was made to be a House, a dwelling place for the Spirit of the Almighty.

יהוה the Almighty Creator has created man (all humans) in His image and likeness. His Spirit is perfect for He is perfect in all His ways. He has given man the Spirit of life, a soul, and a body. The spirit, the soul, and the body must become one in order to be in oneness with the Almighty. This unifying of the spirit, soul, and body is the real challenge in getting us back to oneness with our Creator. Once all three are lined up, and we are in oneness, then all that YAH has for our life will flow to us, because we are back home with our Heavenly Father. The spirit, the soul, and the body become ‘one’ working in unity to be a dwelling for the Most High.

The Spirit of a Man: YAH created within each of us a spirit so that we may have life. This spirit that is within man was given as a perfect gift to each human being. Our spirit defines us, telling us who we are. We are in the image and likeness of the Creator. Since our spirit is from YAH, and He is the highest of perfection and we are in His likeness, then our spirit is also perfect in every way. He - the Perfect One - has given man a perfect spirit. We are all endowed with a perfect spirit that has no sin. Our spirit is perfect because El the Most High is perfect.

Our spirit is the highest connection to YAH. There is only One greater than us, and He is Elohim the Most High. It is through our spirit that we communicate and make our connection to the Most High. Our spirit is the highest and most important part of our makeup because of its roots in יהוה.

The Soul of a Man: For man to live as a human being, he must have a soul. Just as our spirit is in the image of Elohim, we have a soul that is in the image of the spirit. YAH gave man a perfect spirit, and the soul draws from that perfection because the soul is in the image of the spirit. Our spirit and soul must be one.

The soul links the spirit to the body, the physical part of man. It is the part of the spirit that is more connected to the human in the earth. The body lives in the earthly realm of existence and, therefore, needs the soul to connect to the spirit. The spirit links the soul to Elohim while the soul links the body to the spirit.

The soul is the “being” of man. This is where we all have our life, thoughts, feelings, will, and desires. It is called the “higher self.” The soul is where the heart and essence of life exist.

The soul can be divided in its function as good or lesser good. Because the soul is connected to the spirit, it can guide man in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. It is like our liaison between the Almighty and our earthly life.

There is a conscience in the soul of man. The soul knows that it must link to the spirit because it knows goodness, and the spirit is only concerned with goodness. The morality of man is also within the soul. The soul knows good and evil, right from wrong, and it is mindful that it must unite to the spirit as the spirit seeks to please the Most High.

However, the soul can be influenced by stimulation from the flesh. The soul must come into unity with the spirit and bring all fleshly desires into the desire of the spirit whose aim is to please YAH. The soul and spirit must be one in all goodness, but the influence of the body can cause the soul to somehow deviate from its state of perfection.

The Body (Person) of a Man: A physical body must be created to house the spirit and soul. The body is a person, and the person has a mind, will, and emotions - which is the soul. The soul creates the personality. The soul is the ‘brain’ that controls the body. The person’s conduct and characteristics is their personality which is created by the soul. The personality and the body go hand in hand because the soul acts on the body to create the personality. Without a soul, there would be no personality.

The body has desires, and these desires determine the level of goodness that is in the soul. The spirit and soul are light, but the body is flesh. The flesh is made up of bones, muscles, and blood. The personality is in the earthly realm, which has limitations, and it can be receptive of good and evil.

Negativity is manifested in the realm of the personality and the soul. The soul seeks to guide our body (personality) toward an area of goodness and kindness (positive). However, the personality can choose to accept or reject. The personality may choose to not accept direction from the soul. The soul has the mind and desires to serve YAH in obedience, but the desires of the body can be the opposite depending on the earthly influences. For example, a person can say, “I know this is not right, but I want to do it.” Your mind (soul) says no, but the body wants to override the soul giving in to the fleshly lust. Sin is in the fleshly, earthly realm - not in the spirit.

Man has been given a “will” to do what’s right. Studying the Torah strengthens the soul allowing it to bring the flesh into subjection.

Becoming One: Our will is located in our soul. If our will leans toward obedience to the Almighty through His Word, to do what is right, then our soul will lean more towards our spirit.

The will can also cause one to sin. The thoughts in the mind, our feelings, and emotions can lead to sin. All of these entities are in the ‘soul’ of a man. The spirit seeks for the goodness of the soul to draw it closer to YAH. The soul seeks for the goodness of the man and its personality to draw him closer to the spirit. It is the soul that must bring all into perspective.

The body/personality who puts out goodness and feeds his soul with the Torah of Elohim seeking to obey His laws to walk in all His ways will bring his/her soul into perfection like the spirit. The body being obedient makes the soul obedient, and the soul connects back with the spirit, and the spirit back to the Almighty making peace!

Great peace shall come to the believer because oneness and perfection bring completeness in YAH! It takes the guidance from the Teacher of Righteousness (our Messiah) as written in the Scriptures to be a light to our path leading us into perfection.

The spirit and soul are already perfect, but it is our earthly body (personality) and the sins of the flesh that keep us separated.

יהוה guides our spirit, as the spirit guides the soul, and the soul seeks to guide the individual and his/her personality in the earthly realm. YAH is our life, our love, our Deliverance, and our Healing!

Feed your soul with the nourishment of the Word of the Most High, His Torot! Feeding the soul strengthens the spirit and body!


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