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Preparing for a Year of Peace, Prosperity, & Security

-- ** This year 2019, Yom Teruah begins 9/29 at sundown ** --


Last Friday morning (9/8/17), our weather report said that Hurricane Irma’s forecast track moved slightly west overnight. This slight movement took us out of the cone of predictability for a direct hit.

From the very beginning, even through all the preparations, we stated and believed that we would be protected. We knew that even if it came directly to our area, we would still be protected.

This is our trust in YAHUAH. We serve Him, we entered into Covenant with Him, and therefore, we know that He will guard and protect us.

This is the security that we want for everyone.

Right now, we’re at the turn of the year. The sixth month is coming to an end, and the seventh month is nearly upon us.

In Scriptural times, the seventh month marked the time when one agricultural season was ending, and the next one was beginning, when the final crops were being harvested, and the upcoming growing season was in the planning stages.

In those days (and even today in some places and in some respects), the crops and fields were vital to one’s survival. A good crop meant food, prosperity, security, stability, and life.

But a bad crop could mean hunger, lack, insecurity, and instability. Widespread crop failure could mean famine, starvation, and death.

So, a farmer took this time of the year very ​​seriously. He took stock in the previous year’s fruits and determined what changes he needed to make to be more fruitful in the coming year.

He also prayed that rains would come in their proper times, that no blight, plague, or disease would strike, and that they would be safe from any devastating natural disasters. His life, his family’s lives, and even the lives of his community depended on it.

It’s no coincidence that YAH has His appointed times at this season.

The set-apart days of the seventh month give us the opportunity to thank YAH for the previous year’s bounties and to seek the blessing of life and prosperity in the coming year.

Even though our lives may not be as closely tied to the crops as in those days, this is still the season that YAHUAH has set for determining what our coming year will be like.

At these appointed times, we will have the opportunity to

  • commit our lives to serving the King (Yom Teruah),

  • seek forgiveness and atonement for all the missteps we took (Yom Kippur), and

  • give YAH praise and thanksgiving for all the good He has done for us and to welcome Him to truly be part of our lives (Sukkot).

This is the recipe for guaranteeing a good year - a year of peace, prosperity, and security.

We only have a short time before these important days begin (Yom Teruah/Rosh Hashana begins 9/29 at sundown).

These last few days, let's start laying the groundwork - mentally, physically, and spiritually - so we can observe these days to the fullest and ensure a good year to come.

Set-Apart Days Preparation

Mentally: Take the time to learn about the upcoming set-apart days. Think about what they mean for you and your life and how you will observe them.

Also, do like the farmer - analyze and plan. Think about all areas of your life - personal & spiritual: How fruitful were you last year? What hindered your growth? What will you do differently this year?

Physically: Prepare for the set-apart days. Clean your house. Clean your garments - especially your set-apart garments (tallit, hat, prayer shawl, etc.) Buy new garments - whatever you can afford, whether it's a new outfit or just a new pair of socks. Prepare and plan your celebration. What special food or dish will you prepare and share?

Spiritually: Do Teshuva - Return to YAHUAH. Reconnect. Strengthen your relationship with Him. No matter where you are spiritually, take one step closer to YAH. Whatever you have to do - read more, study more, pray more, be more kind/compassionate/giving/etc. - do it to get closer to YAHUAH.

This is the season of YAH's compassion. During this time, Moshe ascended Mt. Sinai for the third 40-days and received the second set of tablets with the commandments. YAH forgave the people for their sin with the golden calf and entered into Covenant with them.

This is the season of His compassion.

Seek YAHUAH, and He will be found by you.

Don't waste these last few days before the set-apart days begin!

If you want the coming year to be a good year - a year of peace, prosperity, and security - then, do what it takes to make it happen.

Start preparing now.

Get ready to serve YAH!


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