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Sivan & Sinai: A Blessing for the World

Happy Sivan, and Chag Shameach Shavuot!

This third month is Sivan. It is the month where we think of the forefathers, namely Avraham, Yitshaq, and Ya’aqob. They received the promises from YAHUAH.

The greatest promise is in accepting and guarding the TEN COMMANDMENTS. In reality, it is a Covenant with YAH our Redeemer, Creator of the universe, to return to Him like in Gan Eden, the garden of Eden.

As has been said by wise people, Shavuot is probably the greatest event in human history. In effect, YAH chose a willing people and that has affected the whole of humanity since that day at Mt. Sinai.

Avinu, our Father, had a plan to bless His people Yisrael and the rest of the world - whoever was willing to draw near to Him by keeping His laws, rules, and orders of His mouth!

This is the good news that should be proclaimed from the mountain tops! In Yeshayahu 43-45, it says over and over that YAHUAH is the Savior of the world and our Redeemer, there is none else!

Please read Dibre haYamim Bet 31 (2 Chronicles 31). Verse seven says: “In the third month they began to pile up the heaps, and they finished in the seventh month.”

This is the time for this to be fulfilled (or refilled) in our day and at this time!

Visit our Project Abraham page for an in-depth explanation of our ministry to YAH.

So, I want to encourage all - everyone and anyone who reads this message - to send in your "heap" for His House, a place of prayer for all nations!

We will be building that House where His Name dwells and where prayers are answered, like said in Shelomoh’s prayer in 1 Kings 8 (Melakim Aleph 8).

YAH is the greatest, and He is doing a great and awesome, marvelous and mighty thing in our days for His esteem only! HalleluYAH!

Please call or write for more information or understanding. Love and peace from the set-apart place that He has raised up to show His compassion and kindness.

Be blessed as you hear and give! Now that’s doing the job He has called all of us to do, and it is like hearing Him on Mt. Sinai at Shavuot. Ten people of our family and congregation were there early in the morning of May 29, 2009! We are hearing Him again, and you can be with us!

Shabbat, Shabbat Shalom & Chag Sameach!


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