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Texas is Under Alert!

Map of Texas

Spiritual Alert for the State of Texas

A Message to the State and Local Leaders of Texas:

The cities of Dallas and Houston are under spiritual alert. The state of Texas has a cloud of death over it. This darkness is the shadow of death, a cloud of great trouble. These two cities are like Sodom and Gomorrah. They can cause punishment and widespread destruction to cover the entire state if their wrongs are not corrected.

The Almighty has sent me to warn you like the two messengers who were sent to Sodom to warn Lot and the people of the coming destruction. The poor are suffering and being mistreated. In the cities of Dallas and Houston, the number of families below the poverty line is staggering. The working people are struggling to make ends meet as the poor struggle to just to live. Their quality of life is extremely low on account of poverty.

The poor are in a type of slavery while the rich live in luxury with no concern for the poor. Should this continue to go on? Now is the time! The slavery of poverty is about to end. As Moses in the wilderness said to the pharaoh, “Let my people go!”

The pharaohs today are the billionaires. The billionaires are holding a vast number of the working poor captive. How? The Heavenly Father made billionaires and millionaires to be stewards of the wealth. Many do give to charitable organizations. These organizations pay a month’s rent, but the root problem is never fixed. The people still live in poverty.

The ball and chain are holding the people back, causing them to struggle to walk. Their life is difficult. The ball and chain around their ankles is the stress accompanying them from day to day and the sickness it is causing.

The rich are stewards of the Almighty but many of them act as if they are stewards of the devil. The poor look up to the rich, but the rich scorn the poor. It is written in the scripture that if you share your bread with the hungry, if you clothe the naked and bring the homeless to your home, then you would find awesome favor with The Most High. When you call on Him, He will answer you.

When you are a good steward and do what YAH requires, you save your life, and your heaven on earth will be eternal. Right now, the rich have heaven on earth, but it is only in this life. When they die, in the world to come, their mansion will be a dilapidated shack in the middle of depraved streets. It will be a place of abject poverty, as nothing ever seen in this life. The worst of the worst is said to come for those who oppress the poor and who don't look beyond themselves.

The rich are living good lives and give their dollars to big organizations for a tax deduction. These organizations steal from the poor, giving only a small percentage to help those in need while the bulk goes to paying executives’ salaries. While this has been going on, someone in the state of Texas has cried out to YAH. The poor are crying for deliverance, and the Father has heard their cry. Because of this, we must go to them.

There are several billionaires in the state of Texas and many more millionaires. Yet, Dallas, Texas has one of the highest numbers of homeless people living in tent cities in the country. The pharaohs will suffer if they do not heed what I am proposing to the rich.

Operation Brackets

Open up the brackets where the rich dwell and let the poor receive help. The brackets are now closed, like the gated communities that the rich live in. Open your hands wide to let the poor receive.

I propose that the rich allocate a monthly disbursement to the poor. Each wealthy individual will help 5 to 10 families by sending each one a check for $1500-2000 a month.

If the wealthy do not supplement the incomes of needy families as addressed above, then let them make a large one-time donation to Operation Brackets to help build housing for the poor.

I guarantee that those willing to help will be well-compensated spiritually, and their income will increase substantially. In turn, they will be able to help more families in the future.

Operation Brackets will raise funds by hosting a fundraising dinner, and with these funds, homes and apartment complexes will be built. Homes will support disabled and homeless veterans, single mothers with children, as well families with little to no income.

Operation Brackets will have a fund set up by the city. The city will collect the donations, and then separate 10%. This will be the Tithe to Y’’. The tithe will go toward building His sanctuary and building homes for the needy in South Carolina under the direction of His prophet Ruth.

This plan will be successful. The wrath of the Almighty will subside, and the state will be saved from destruction. The poor will be set free from the chains that wear them down daily, and they will have joy and peace.

The lives of the poor are in the hands of the wealthy. If the wealthy do not heed this word, then the judgment will go forth, and many will die. No amount of money in the world would be able to save the wealthy from death or leprosy. Greed is the killer, and stinginess is the slaughterer.

Obey this message from the prophet of The Most High, and heed this warning that you might save yourself, your family, your city, and your state. Open your bracket - your bank and your wallet - and allow the poor to receive. Help the poor, homeless, or struggling today. Hear the Almighty, and spare your life from destruction so you may live and experience real Heaven on earth!


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