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The Month of Splendor

Iyyar is the second month of the Hebrew calendar year. It means splendor and blossoming. It corresponds to the Springtime weather that we have with all the trees and flowers blooming! It is a splendid time of the year. It would appear that all things are new. His creation is truly beautiful!

This month of Iyyar has a commandment each day, which is to count the omer as written in Wayyiqra/Leviticus 23:15-16.* It is within the period between Passover and Shavuot. It is more than a bridge but a time of becoming.

In history, both the first and second Set-Apart Place began being built in the month of Iyyar. The splendor of YAH’s presence is the greatest splendor! So this time is a time of building.

We have to consider ourselves being built to become His splendor and light for others. His presence with us is so important. YAH’s dwelling with us is life and death, and not just for ourselves but with everyone we meet!

Our ancestors came out of Mitsayim (Egypt) and journeyed to Mount Sinai to receive the Commandments during the month of Iyyar. There is a preparation time, and counting each day and keeping His command to count prepares us.

The best way to keep a large or harder command is by doing a smaller or easier one each day. It is like exercise - when you start small and build up over time.

This is the call or challenge of Iyyar.

First, you acknowledge Who is calling you.

Then, realize He is calling you to do something. The ‘doing’ is actually becoming. A great process YAH gives us!

You don’t put clean water in a dirty, old, rusty pail. If you are going to give people the living waters of life, then you yourself have to be a clean pail or vessel. We are transporters of YAHUAH’s life to the world! We are given the month of Iyyar to prepare and to give thanks to YAH each day as He prepares us. HalleluYAH!

I pray that YAH blesses you with a happy month where you see His splendor in creation all around you. Think on His dwelling with us and being available to others. Let Him build you into a dwelling of His presence. May you keep His command to count the Omer Count, and let your joy be increased as you obey Him. Take time to thank Him each day for what He has given you each day.

Thanking YAH is always a time of splendor. Be YAH’s servant with joy!

Happy Iyyar!

** If you haven't been counting the omer, it's not too late to start!

Get the calendar and readings on our Omer page and start today!**


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