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United with Yisrael

A Declaration of Unity with the Jewish People

We Are United!

Sivan 30, 5781

June 10, 2021

We are the set-apart ones of Family of Messiah Assembly in South Carolina of the United States.

The believers in the Name of יהוה declare on this day, the 30th of Sivan in the Hebrew year 5781, corresponding to June 10, 2021, that we have joined ourselves to the tribes of Ephrayim and Yahudah, the Jewish nation.

We have united ourselves to the Yahudim (Jews) through our belief in Elohim and acceptance of the Laws and teachings of Moshe with a commitment to uphold the Torah.

We are a set-apart people who will defend our brothers in every way.

We will support the fatherless, the widow, and the children.

We are standing united to live with the Jews who accept us, to love them and support their set-apart causes.

We stand united forever to be one people in the eyes of the Almighty Elohim.

Let this Declaration counteract all other decrees and edicts of oppression previously made against the Jews by the nations of the world.

We are united through this Declaration to bless the Jewish nation forever!


Rabbi Michael Dunn

Nebiya Ruth Dunn

Elder Elisheva Mason

Elder Yoseph ChaniEl Dunn


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