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Yom Teruah: A Yearly Y-Turn

To complete a Y-Turn there are three steps to perform:

  1. Stop

  2. Back-up

  3. Go forward in the right direction

First, you have to stop.

We are so busy, distracted, and unfocused that we really need to just stop. Put the brakes on, and stop the madness or what seems like it. Sometimes, we don’t know what is driving us on, much less give thoughtful consideration of our direction or destination.

Second is back up.

Wait a minute, and back up. Yes, this backing up is really taking time to think about everything. Putting things in perspective and using your memory to check what you are doing and where are you going is necessary.

Remember, you have a Sovereign! Are you following Him or not? Can you serve Him the way that you are going? Which way is He leading you and what does it take to follow?

Take plenty of time to think, answer, and pray.

Now, let’s make the final move to get going in the right direction.

Thirdly and finally, we drive on in the direction YAH is leading you.

Oh, doesn’t it feel good! When He is in control all goes great! It is all the other times we just keep going without really knowing.

As you move in this right direction, you must praise and thank Him all along the way. You might be holding the steering wheel, but everything else needs to be in His control.

This way is not just a safe ride, but also a wonderful ride!

Ride on and Happy New Year!


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