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Life Forever! A Word for Passover 5780/2020

Shalom! On the morning of the 14th of Abib, YAHUAH gave me (Ruth) a word to share with the Assembly for Passover. You can read it below. Please take these words to heart, and believe! YAHUAH is a Good Elohim, and He only wants good for us. Believe it!


Word for Pesach 5780/2020

"Hear My Word: A Word for Passover - Life Forever The Passover is different for different people, who are on different levels of their journey. People are returning to Me. Some are coming out of falsehood and learning to follow Me by receiving My laws and others are moving on to the Promised Land. I Am leading them. It is I who shepherds My people and establishes them.  You are passing from the permissive will to My Perfect will. The permissive will is a time of learning and being cleansed. My perfect will is when one has come to completion and has been humbled before Me. My Perfect will is the Promised Land, where I pour out My goodness in an awesome way. You all are My people. You have passed from death to life. You shall live and nothing in this world or out of this world can kill you. I Am your Master, and I protect you. Let words of life be upon your tongue always. Speak life to all, and I will give them life. Your words are strong. Let it bring forth life and not death. My Name is life. I Am with you all. I speak life to all who hear this word. Receive life today, and enjoy life to the fullest. Be happy regardless of what you see or hear because I Am with you, and you serve only Me. Therefore life has been given to you this year 5780 and forever. You have passed over to life and life explicitly, the good life. Let your hearts be lifted and rejoice because you will see My goodness from here on. Study My Word to keep them fresh in your mind that you know My goodness from the past and live it in the present and look forward to it in the future.  Never plan to die, never look to death. But look to life. Nothing will take you away from Me. I Am יהוה the Great and Awesome One, Who loves you for all eternity. Rest, My people. Stay humble before Me, and fear only Me for you are in My hands. My blessings of life be upon you all, and be at peace for I Am your Master."


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